Single Pull VS 10 Pull/HOTM

Is there any advantages when trying to get the HOTM, when it comes to single pulls vs 10 pulls. I would think the odds stay the same but doenst the odds of 10 single pulls give you a better chance or not?

The chance for single pull doesn’t change.

x1 ten times or x10 one time is the same… but with more pulls at once you save some gems, so you could say that you have more chances for the same amount of gems by performing multiple pulls opposed to the single ones.


Is Athena a hotm? If so when was the last time she was featured? As I do have her,but I don’t think It was a bonus draw, say 2 Atlantis ago I had 5 pulls I got ghost girl msnusse then Athena then stopped! 3 new heros cool quit whilst I’m ahead!

A few people on my alliance got miki with one pull

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The odds don’t change, it’s simply more pulls = more chance. But you have the same chance of pulling a HOTM with 1 pull as you do with 100.

I KNOW for a FACT that you can receive MORE than 1 HoTM from a 10 pull, I HAVE received 2 Evelyns when she was HoTM in 1 10 pull before. Also I KNOW for a FACT the you can get more than 1 older HoTM from a 10 pull in atlantis as I got 2 Gravemakers in one 10 pull

Really rubbin that Eve in my face now arent ya mate? lol

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Well in all honesty 1 have 6 of them and only wanted 1 what a WASTE. I would GIVE you one if I could.

Thats mate :wink: I have a spare Kage/Seshat and plenty dupe vanillas if its any good to ya :wink:

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I would like another Kage. I got 3 Seshats LOL bringing number 2 up as fast as I can. Purple stack is Kage, Kunchen, Sartana, Victor and Seshat. bringing Shat #2 up to replace Victor

haha nice ! I have 3 shats n 2 kages, if Ursena dont show up soon I will need to decide if I will max a second of either two.

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Yes, Athena was HotM dated back July 2017. If you pulled her in recently Atlantis she wouldn’t count as HotM but instead Featured Atlantis.


On my part in 11 months I got HotM(s) on single pull.
Seventh 10X and result yield barely noteworthy, maybe only Proteus, Triton duplicate?

For further information and discussion, please see: Are the odds of getting a HOTM (Hero of the Month) Different/Same/Better for a 1x or 10x Summons / Single vs. 10 Pull / Individually vs. Ten at Once? [MASTER]

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