Single Member Alliances - share your thoughts

A while ago to be exact - 282 days ago. I was so bored with the slow development of my main account that I created a new account just out of curiosity and to fill the waiting gaps and I decided to put it in its own alliance to see how far it can go without joining big and awesome alliances.

I admit that I’ve used second builders two times using the seasonal discounts but that’s it. I think devs need some support :slight_smile:

TCs are runing already having some great additions.
You can see at the screenshot my current level with XP, AMs and heroes.
I’ve had beginner members coming and going - I haven’t seen a 4* Titan coming here :slight_smile: but still advancing steadily and almost catching up to my first account.

To all single member alliances! What are your thoughts in terms of progressing in game? Please share you achievements and tips.

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One other guy i know who was in a solo alliance for awhile is @Jedon

Personally I’ve never been in an alliance that i wasnt trying to grow and improve so i dont have much to add to the convo other than it looks like mats are coming in at a pretty slow pace

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I’ve been there and it was a lot slower than joining big alliance since rare 3* and 4* unfarmable mats much easier to obtain by killing 9-10* titan above.
Single member alliance only able to kill 1* and max 2* titan and the reward loot is super junk.


I’m in a two man alliance (with my alt account) for some months now.
To be fair i have two, and i jump between them.

I use every possible trick, so i don’t keep the pace of top alliance spenders, but i do not fall too much behind, at least for emblems.

I like it, but i’m basically a lone wolf.
I like solitude, and i don’t want big in-game bounds.

I don’t have any concern, nothing to prove to anyone, no rush at all in any way.

I don’t have to sweat growing my heroes because it just get worse my war pairing, face titans that can just tickle me, spair all the items i want.

Honestly, i don’t see myself ever return to a top alliance, i’m too good here.


Same thoughts here @Elpis
Titan loot and Titan chest are not the best source of ascension materials the same is valid for War loot and War chest at least comparing to my first account.
Color chests is the best source and also getting better placement in special events which requires some battle items and world flasks spending.

However you still need daily gaming and careful planning for faster progress. Lazy players usually (F2P) progress much slower.

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Being solo, not so good… The titans are the main reason. To get AM constantly, you should defeat 3* and 4* titans. Yes, you get some, the grade being only A+ and A. To do this, the alliance requires 3 strong members (like my alliance) or 4 medium players. Besides, after defeating the 4* titans, the first 5* is always the rare blue unicorn. I defeat him every time using flasks to get the emblems. I wouldn’t recommend to anyone to play solo, not even in two. Just think of the rare titan. The wars are easier instead. I honestly forgot when was the last time I lost at war.

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Totally agree.

While it can seems is an easygoing and relaxed way of playing, i’m very active and very careful on timing jumps between my two alliances to get the best out of my strategy.

Meanwhile I pulled something from war chest, so it is not always that bad. And those are 1x1 wars :slight_smile:

In your opinion what ist the highest rank Titan that can be killed by single player, preferably without flasks?

Depends of the heroes you have, of course. You could reach 3* and win in 22 hours with a strong rooster.

I could maybe solo a 3* titan, at best. 1* titan, easily. 2* would probably be more realistic. But then most of my heroes are 4/70 4*, someone with 4/80 5* heroes would likely be able to do much better.

I guess 4* is the maximum people can hope without using flasks, maybe some 5* if they’re so crazy to use high level items.

After that titans just have too much HP, so you must average 100k per hit or more.

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Would have to be more than 100k per hit if you want to do it without flasks. My alliance is currently fighting 5* and 6*, most of them are over a million HP. You’d need to average probably at least 150k per hit to solo a lower HP 5* without flasks. And yeah, that would probably require a ridiculous amount of items and most likely wouldn’t be worth the reward loot.

I would love to see someone taking down 4* Titan single-handedly :slight_smile:
2* Titan is OK for team of 4*. I am baking some 5* so we’ll see how things may change.
It would be great to have non-time restricted titan fight or at least a time bonus feature in the future.

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