Single color team information

but is it true that they lowered the damage of the shields? Is this why the single-color teams don’t work as they used to? Thanks

No, as my experience single-color teams get higher tiles (shield/puzzle) damage.
I don’t think they lowered mono teams.

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My mono teams still work as well as they always have.

So no idea where this new conspiracy theory has grown from :joy:


Mono still does massive damage per tile, as long as you get the tiles. That has always been the biggest danger in using mono. A good board in mono can kill just about anything, but a bad board in mono will only kill you.


Thanks for the answers, the other night in the game chat they claimed this. I asked you who are experts.

Theories abound about much that happens in this game. When someone has a bad run it inevitably becomes the fault of the game and they seek excuses.

My mono lost because the board are rigged against me

My mono lost because they’ve changed the damage they put out now

My mono lost because I don’t spend enough

Etc etc etc.

But the real reason is the game was the game. You gambled and lost since playing mono is essentially that. I’ve been pure mono for about half a year now and I see it ebb and flow. The game gives and takes away it’s just that in mono that can happen quickly and often. Playing mono is easy when you get the perfect start but the real skill of mono is winning when it doesn’t

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