Single account, multiple devices

Hey guys,

I’ve seen many posts about using multiple accounts on the same device, or using an emulator like Bluestack to use the same account on a PC as well. My question is about the other way around.

What about using the same account on multiple devices, like a phone and a tablet, is that supported as well? Does it depend on the kind of device you use?
Any risks involved, requirements? Experience? I could think of sync issues for example.
Are there any manuals available how to accomplish this?

Could you please point me into the right direction for doing that?

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I have e &p on my tablet and on my phone. No problems at the moment. :+1:


works fine across three different devices for me…all Android though, can’t speak to what works with one Android and one iOS…


It can cause issues if one device has an update and the other doesn’t, but I believe it is fairly common for players to use more than one device.


Great to hear that, no known issues so far. So how does it work then, you just install the game on a second device and it will ask for an ID or something?

yep, you use the same ID on both.

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Just tried, and it works! It’s a miracle! :wink: Just needed to install the game on the phone. No questions asked. Thanks guys! Really appreciate your answers!
(For the record this was on Ios devices)