Sinds today my team can not win anny personal battle anymore


What is wrong whit this game. I can not win any personal balttles anymore.
They swipe me away every time and i have the same team the last 2 months.
Was there a update again that destroyed the Balance?


Yes, there was a change. I’ve personally found that I needed to change my team around to deal with the difference. Teams auto attack more frequently to make defensive teams stronger. It’s far more balanced than it used to be.


In the immortal words of every single dev answer, ever; they are “continuously monitoring the attack/defense ratio and adjusting it for balance”.

Basically what Penari said. On a personal level, I tend to agree with the post from the other thread. I appreciate that the alteration was made, because I think it was necessary, but I sure wish they would stop using the aforementioned line as a shield to deflect any notion that stealth tweaks of any kind are something other than shady. Let’s face it, any time you change something that people paid and expended effort/time for, keeping them in the loop is usually appreciated.


Well the changes affect everyone and balance is good for the game especially for those that paid I would suggest.

I’m OK with their making tweaks, but I will agree it would’ve been nice for them to state that up front that changes were in the works rather than it’s taking people’s complaining on the forums to get a response… isn’t that hard to do that level of community engagement.

(Possible I missed where they were saying tweaks, but doublingish the frequency of defense slashes seems worthy of slotting into patch note).

It does impact team building: previously people just ignored the slash damage, and that has to be taken into account now when facing something like BT or even non-buff healer teams… heck even Wukong might be better now on raid defense (more chances = statistically more good monkey bizness!).

Also would suggest people that paid are far more likely able to deal with the changes; I’m seriously hoping for Sonya and Caed both now, whereas before I would’ve been happy with just Caed… and it’s mostly as a result of this change.