Since when does Loki do a mindless attack?

I was raiding a team and I tried a board flip which enabled Loki. He does not copy attacks like Myztereo but he hit my team with a mindless attack dark cubes just like Alfrike ! As a result I got smoked !

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Lork Loki copies the special of the hero he targets. If he was on the opposing team and you had Alfrike on yours, he must have targeted her and fired her special as if it were his own. That’s how his special skill works.


The explanation from @StillVictor is exactly what I would expect. But your post implies you were expecting something different? I don’t consider Lord Loki and Myztero to be similar. And you can’t hit an enemy with Mindless Attack.


I did not think he could copy attacks !!!

This is the reason why Lord Loki is a good counter against Alfrike: he could cast Alfrike’s special skill at average speed :slightly_smiling_face:

It is essentially exactly what his special does (copying)

And that’s why we love him! :joy::rofl:

If you fire mindless attack on myztero, you’re basically fighting on a timer because he’ll MA your team eventually. So yes, unless you’re confident, do not use MA against a team with myztero

Lord loki can copy any heros special skill he targets… He targeted your alrfike so it happend…

That is one smart Lord Loki. He knows who to target to copy their skills from. Hurrah for the AI.

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Lord Loki doesn’t copy the skill of a hero that has a mindless attack mark on.
He use the mindless attack…

Maybe that’s how it should work but I doubt that… He should copy the skill regardless the debuff

Mindless attack actually changes the hero’s original special skill to the ‘mindless’ one, so Loki works here as intended.


Disagree, it’s a debuff

It doesn’t say on Loki that it uses the selected hero skill including the debuff that this hero has

If for example a sniper has a attack debuff on him then Loki use the sniper’s skill including the attack debuff? I don’t think so

Same as Loki doesn’t copy passives…

@Sabrar is right. Mindless attack actually changes the special skill.

If you read the special skill description after the hero has been hit, you can see it:

Attack down and other debuffs don’t do this. They are simply listed under the special skill.

So, it’s working as intended and it’s always been like this since Loki first appeared. This issue has been discussed at length.


I’m not sure whether this is correct programming.

I fire cQuintus (mindless attack), thereafter Loki. There is no dispellable buff at the enemies. Thus Lord Loki should do Villain Swing. But he does not.

I have a video, but don’t know how to get the right format. It’s mp4

The Mindless Attack “becomes” the SS of the affected person, so Lord Loki, being a little bit slow in his thought processes, just steals that “power” and attacks one of your allies.


Ok, thanks.

Didn’t know that you can steal back ailments. Doesn’t make any sense.

You don’t steal back the ailment. The ailment converts the special to the mindless attack special. You steal that converted special.