Since updating, mana glitch

Ok since I updated the game, on a few occasions I’ve noticed that some hero’s mana bars aren’t filling at the speed they should.

Now to demonstrate I have a pic of my latest raid…
Margaret has lvl 21 mana troops, all other hero’s are using crit troops so no mana gained through troops
The following pic is after making 3 x 3 tile matches
Eve lianna and Kingston are all fast mana

I had already fired Margaret 1 turn earlier after 2x 3 matches
As you can see lianna and Kingston are charged but Evelyns is less than mels who charges at average man’s
None of my opponents had fired any specials.

Toth is sorcerer does he have any emblems? And which was the tank?
Sorcerers talent decrease mana gain from opponent that might be the case.(pretty confident that’s what happened)


Yep - I was going to say the same thing. OP, do you have video? If not I fear you haven’t demonstrated a convincing case. It is likely that Thoth proc-ed Delay on Evelyn. We can see her HP are down, so someone hit her.


Most likely the OP stark up against a blue tank…my guess Isarnia…yeah a slash from Thot must have proc the mana delay.

It was a vela tank, but your thinking that thoths talent is sufficient to cut 3 tiles worth of mana away from Evelyn seems far to high from the 1 slash attack that thoth would of done in the first 3 turns

Need video for proof.


I may be wrong but, the talent reduces the amount not totally enables the hero’s ability to gain mana, for example, if I had popped a green diamond on 3rd turn after thoth slashed, and 6 tiles had popped, Evelyn would of charged imo, or are you saying that it would of stopped any mana being received
If this is the case then I would of noticed it before being this effective, as I stated she has less mana than Mel, which means all 3 tiles on my 3rd move added 0 to her mana

If I knew it was going to happen, I would of videoed it, but I still say the pic speaks for itself. Lianna and Kingston have charged but Evelyn is still 3 tiles away from charging, not just slightly under

I’m good but I can’t forsee things before they happen


Always be Recording!!!



@zephyr1 I don’t believe this is resolved, whilst I agree its possible that thoth used his talent, it doesn’t explain how 3 tiles worth of mana was blocked

It last 2 turns so yes its possible…


The part I agree with: this is NOT resolved. But I think it’s as resolved as it can be unless you can provide more evidence. Especially since a credible explanation has been proferred.

The part I DISagree with: the Delay talent proc-ing DOES explain how 3 tiles of mana was blocked. You say you made three matches of three green tiles. Evelyn takes 8 to charge and we can all see she’s shy - probably by two. So I agree with you that she appears to be missing three tiles of mana.

Here’s what I think happened:

  1. You made a green match of three tiles
  2. Thoth-Amun hit Evelyn, and Delay proc-ed
  3. You made the two subsequent green matches while Evelyn had the Delay status ailment.

The Delay talent gives a chance to drop mana generation by 50%. So you would have received 50% of the second and third matches of green tiles. Three tiles of mana from the first match, 1.5 tiles from the second (1.5 lost to Delay), 1.5 from the third (1.5 lost to Delay). Total of 6 tiles of mana, 3 lost to Delay.

Again, I disagree with you that Delay doesn’t explain it. I think Delay explains this situation very well, so well that I would suggest marking this as resolved and close the thread.


There was a similar thread where sorcerers talent proc delay on CC even at very fast, CC was made to lag behind fast mana in the team…
You can be sure that Sorcerer talents have the " chance to drop mana generation Up to 50% for 2 turns " as shown on Sorcerers description .

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If you made 2x3 green stones the 2 turns after the slash attacks at ~50% mana delay =3 stones worth of mana…
So that’s possible too…
But it would help to know how many emblems Toth has and the timing of your moves and the talent activation… Otherwise it’s very hard to say there’s something wrong(I’m not saying that is impossible that something is wrong, but the more plausible explanation is the one already pointed)

As others above have said, it’s tricky for us to have any insight without a video recording.

The only alternative is for you to contact Support with the exact date and time of the battle, and see if they’re able to check their logs to understand what happened — though I’m not sure whether that will be possible.

Under normal circumstance a green match fills 3/8th of Eve’s mana. Under sorcerer delay, the same green match will fill 3/16th (50% slower) of her mana. So with one green match under normal circumstances, and two under Thorth’s delay, her total mana gain will be 3/8+3/16+3/16 = 3/4 = 75%, which is most likely what happened based on your screenshot. :slight_smile:


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