Since the release of S2, where is best to farm for midnight roots

Title says it all. I need midnight roots. Where is best?

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Randomly play level 5 in season 1. I have found that season two does not give you any more materials per energy flag. Its actually quite the opposite. I start in season 1 level 5 stage 1 and play through to the end and repeat. I have 39 world energies and at 3 energies per level i get far more midnight root than any other place in the game

I got 13 roots on 7^4 today while farming for my green ele chest. With 39 we.
Edit: 7^4 S1 … sorry for confusion

S2: 2-1 hard gives 0.07 roots per flag. So about 7 roots for every 10 times you run the level.

I still find farming in the S1 usual spots more rewarding.

S2 hard only if you plenty of tickets and lack to time to play.