Since the last 2 updates every single button in the game does not load fast enough as before


Good day Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,
after the last update the game is loading a bit better than before.
Unfortunately not fast enough as before the 2 updates.
In the game the individual buttons unfortunately still load a little too slowly.
So that always a waiting time with each actuation of a button comes to light.
Ask her to improve it if possible.

Thank you for your attention, effort and time!
Best regards


Are you on the most recent version (update 1.9.7), and the most recent version of your device’s Operating System?


I also noticed this, it was very clear when getting a new hero from the TC.


Related to this most likely:


To info, I was once Facebook come2play administrator.
Have enough experience with PC and smartphone to tell you that their game app has been loading too slowly into game since the last two updates Firmware: 1.9.6 and 1.9.7
I have installed any updates for the game and also for my smartphone operating system.
Again, since the last two updates for the game,
it still does not load buttons in Buttons unfortunately as fast as before these two updates.
I play the game now over 210 days.
And unfortunately I have to say that in the game the loading of any button since the firmware update 1.9.6 has slowed down.
And according to her statement, as I understand it, it will not get any faster as it was before those two updates.
Sorry, must correct me a little bit.
The training places with the recruit collect button does not run fast enough as before Firmware update: 1.9.6.
All others in game loading button load fast enough mostly.

Please fix bugs as soon as possible!

Many Thanks!

Best regards


I think he is referring to this loading window which pops up when you open chests or collect heroes.

A delay where it did not happen before the latest update.


All the same issue, discussed by Petri in the linked threads. The client now does more check-backs with the server to protect data integrity. It’d be nice if it happened faster or had snazzier graphics to build suspense rather than annoyance.


Please read back to Petri’s posted link. Is this what you are experiencing? Please let us know. :slight_smile: