Since last update, the app is slowly loading everything

Since the last update, the app loads slowly, if you want to press a button in the game or in chat history scroll up.

Please fix the error!
An update should serve to improve and not to worsen the apps.

Many Thanks!

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I’m having an issue where heroes are taking a second to load. But I haven’t determined if that is my connection or the game.

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I’m getting a bit of loading when I feed heroes to a hero.


It’s a known issue. The devs are working on a cheat protection. Will probably be fixed with the next patch.


I’m having the same issue.

What N.O.X. said. :wink:

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After the last update of 3 days before we noticed the following problems:

  1. The game has clearly slowed down, during some activities a circle appears for even 1.5 seconds.
  2. Puzzles on Titans are walking much slower people doing an average of 15-20k doing 8-10k about 10 out of 30 people. the others did not have such results, so it is difficult to judge.
  3. In a duel when I attack, the opponent hits from the beginning even without none or 1/3 of mana.
  4. There are also doctors who do not have an attackin they description . They do it attackin as well also after all active attackers from their defending team are already defeated.
  5. Suddenly, it turns out that having 3400 strength you can not beat 2550-2700 several times. there were no such cases before and it was balanced.
    I note that the team of heros has not changed as well as the speed and bandwidth of the internet connection has been checked within 25 M / s as before.
    Is it a planned operation or a system error.
    And one more thing, if I pay for opening the broun 100 heros box ahead of time it gets almost non 3 dix it’s planned, then maybe it’s better not to pay, because you always get something usfull.
    jul v 1.9.6 BUILD 276 #8F4L9

I have the same problem, but I want to highlight it when feeding your heroes. It´s not only very slowly, but also if you feed twice different times without getting back to main heroes screen, the first one does not count and waste your heroes and food.
Versión 1.9.6 Build 522

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cheat protection what this have to do whit sloing don

In fact, after this post I paid attention to this problem and it really does. My Perseus was on level 27, gave him the hero to consume he jumped to level 28 and then fell back at 27 to the same moment as before serving. This update looks like a chain of errors and I’m sorry, please do something with this ASAP.

Known issue.

The developers made changes to prevent some exploits, though what precisely they were wasn’t ever defined.

The swirly, the funky hero levelling thing, hopefully they do find ways to address it which don’t impact things quite so strangely.

Titan damage though, that’s been just fine: no noticible slow down on tile movement on raids or titans or map (on the rare time I don’t autoplay). 20k to 10k or whatever is an easy combination of titan color, titan level, and plain jane board randomness.

This happens to all heroes when their level is raised. I have a record of successive screens strange things happen and the numbers are changing in an unjustified way please give me a mail where I can send these screenshots. For 3 days we have been losing heroes and a lot of food and lack of progress in the levels of improvement surprised me and drew my attention.

I have the same problem, when feeding my heroes. It´s very slowly, but if you feed twice different times without getting back to main heroes screen, first one didn’t count so your loss heroes and food.

see carefully frame by frame read the number if the level on the bar increases and then as you press the level up goes up and back to the beginning so nothing has been done each time with different heroes, the numbers do not add up like to make it clear of how much was added to how much the hero was added.

No you don’t lose food or heroes, just the screen refresh is one tick behind and until you force the update it won’t show correctly.

This is known and posted (twice even, I was the duplicate heh).

And for the OP’s one:


Are you telling me my Game Genie won’t work anymore!!!

Since yesterday with the last update everything works smoothly again.

Thank you for the quick fault fixing!



I just looked for update in Google Play Store. I installed and it looks like my problem is fixed.

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Nice! We still haven’t gotten the patch on IOS yet. I’ve learned to deal with it but I still notice the idiosyncrasies and they annoy me hehe.

Just to report with others that since the latest 1.9.7 update on Android, game is working much more smoothly.

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