Since attack emblems increase DOT health emblems should increase HOT

Like the topic says when you increase HP of a DOT hero their DOT increases, but if you increase the health of a HOT hero there is no change. Both should increase with their corresponding stat.

By this logic, an unlevelled hero should not get the full HoT quantity either then? Because that is how DoT heroes work… Until a hero is at max level & max ascension, they don’t receive the full DoT ability.

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If I remember correctly, there are some talents which improves healing received right?

Thought so too. Even if its for Non-Healer heroes.

Increased armor improves the value of healing. It’s harder to take away restored HPs from a higher armor hero. But I wouldn’t mind a buff for my Ares. Increased healing would be nice. I think you have a point.

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