Since Apple update tTitan scores are lower

Has anyone noticed that the scores for hitting Titan are up to 50% less than they were prior to the last iOS update?
I have taken out my healer and replaced with Seshat , put in purple attack/defense flag but no improvement- really annoying

I noticed that there’s no place to farm orichalcum nuggets anymore, for crafting tornadoes (If you recommend S1, 5-8; S2, 14-10, 16-10. 18-10, thank you, those are dry sources), thus any hit became ridiculously smaller no matter the version.

I knew something was off with these SG guys… How rude of them!!! Targeting only iOS users… they must be in cahoots with those Android villains…


These are just randomness at work, there is no reason that they would change things like this. We get bad boards. We get bad farming runs.

Equally we get good boards and good farming runs, but usually choose not to remember them because we “deserved” them or we associate good results with skill, so they should happen

If this is still happening (below long term average results) in two weeks, then we should talk and examine the data. Until there is a decent set of data to review though, the above seems unlikely to be the case

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i play on the same account on both my android and iPad
last 12* purple titan i managed to hit 4 hits before it died and got 90k X2 110k and 80k that was 3 or 4 days ago (all on android)
today we got another 12* purple titan i managed to hit 50k X2 75k and 44k
the 75k was on my iPad
so dont assume its OS related or anything
the developers doesnt really care about what device or OS you run
you remind me of a topic here that the OP was so pissed that there was no Beta testers from a certain region of the world thinking that SG are racist and stuff
its just a bad luck or a bad run

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The first time I played Titan after the update and playing c my regular team, I got an awesome board and thought this is going to be a huge score, fired off loads, bombs, purple flags and it was only half of my previous high score. IOS update reduced scores, probably because of hunters lodge and harpoons causing Titans to die easier but spare a thought for those who aren’t there yet - unfair big time

Since everytime a new update is out people always saying this, i would expect for the next version every time i send tiles on a titan simply this message:



Not sure if it is pre or post update or sheer contrariness, but the AI learned to kill Ranvir first thing, just as it used to do with Wu.

Put in both to confuse the AI.

Since we have a new mayor, the boards got rigged. This is another obvious correlation. :wink:


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