Simultaneously Team Building For Sm. All

When in a small alliance. Forced to work on building 6 Teams simultaneously in order to be competitive in alliances wars . Any suggestions ?? Always seem to be outmatched and only 13 members in allianiance , many low TP. Only myself and 1 other with TP teams over 3500 all others under . Some under 2000 TP. Any input appreciated ! Thanks

This happens in a lot of lower strength alliances. You just have to build up and grow together. Advertise for other players to join but say teams have to be above 2000 strength. When in war some alliances say that members can not participate unless they have a team 1 strength of 2000+. That way you avoid easy targets for opponents to pick up points and repeat on respawn

You can set up a trophy requirement on your alliance, say 400 or 600 trophies. I dunno if you do this already.

Cups in the end don’t mean anything but they are at least a good indication that the players who join are active, and didn’t just create their account to leave next week for the next game :wink:

That will mean that you’ll get players who at least have a couple teams put together.

Encourage the smaller members to level up more 3*s too. My leader did just that and I realized how much of a backbone those small heroes had during alliance wars to fill out my other teams. Then the can focus on 4*


Thank you kindly for your input . It is much appreciated. I will bring up suggestions with leader and co lead as I am only a elder . It was nice to see mention of 3s . As that is what I must use for 3 teams. I gave 1/5 team 1/54 team and a all 4* team . Only money I can afford to spend on game is for VIP Pass. Do you think I’m doing ok ?? Imput always appreciated . Thanks

Most ascension materials are from titan, quests and events. You need a good rainbow 4* team to get those and build up more 4* bench. I’m not convinced that leveling 6 teams in parallel is a good tactics from the growth perspective because it means your primary team stays weaker for a longer time -> less titan damage.

However if your main focus is war, then it would work ok. Please note that same color feeding gives more xp per feeder, faster growth of the hero bench on the long run.

Having only VIP is not a problem, you can have fun without paying a lot. I’m also cheap2play, this is me now;

I also have an alliance mate who is free to play, doing good damage on 12* titans.

So don’t worry about the money, keep up the good work, you’ll get stronger and stronger! :blush:

If your team mates don’t have enough 3*, it will be difficult. And I would not level 6 teams simultaneously, the progress is much too slow, I would stretch it a bit more. 2 or 3 teams, one team of them with more heroes to switch in the next team soon or something like that. It’s better to have at least 4 teams of maxed 3* before leveling the 4*, only regarding war. But if the hero amount is not that good…I have an experiment at the moment:

I have my second account, F2P, in an alliance and I participate in wars, I’m level 21 there. I have one strong team with around 2500 TP (I got 3 4* and I don’t even get good 3* there, annoying -.- so my roster is: Scarlett, Grimm, Ameonna, Tyrum, Bane, Berden, unleveled Kailani and Melia and then…Gan Ju, Greymane, Renfeld, Prisca, argh) - so I decided to level 2* heroes - only the hitters and the yellow healer panda - and they only get the dupes of their own. I feed them one by one (okay, sometimes 2, as they come in), always to the weakest. So their special increases (25% chance for each feeder) and I have some options for color stacking in war. The rest of the 2* and 1* are fed to my main heroes. In the last wars I was able to get around 100 points, way more than other weaker players in my alliance and more than some stronger players manage to get and I’m proud of it :smiley: mostly I try to oneshot one weak team (sometimes I get 2 oneshots) of the opponent and the rest is for cleaning up.

Maybe that COULD be an option for your alliance, too - but be careful, you need the roster space (used some gems to increase it) and you slow down the progress of the main team/heroes. For me it works because of the lack of better 3* at the moment. And, when I get more of them, I’ll feed the 2* one by one away…I would NOT recommend that to players with more possibilities in getting better heroes…it’s a less-than-ideal temporary solution, because I didn’t only want to be a war point provider for the opponents :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thanks all . Much appreciated . Will heed advice . Main team of Tiberius , Elkhanen , Kiril , Scarlett and Chao almost maxed . Team 2 good . So will concentrate on Team 3/4 for time being .

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