Simultaneous titan fighters / 2v1



Within your alliance, it would be sweet if you could have the option to go into a titan battle WITH other alliance members and thus share skills across the team. If you start out lightly and just allow people to go in in pairs, one member clicks on the ‘FIGHT 2v1’ button and waits for however long it takes another member to click on it as well, then they go into battle together against the titan.

This would add another layer of complexity to alliance organisation because you can strategize which member should take in which hero. Some of the skills would need to be slightly toned down (like ‘all allies’ healers). We would need to see which member is waiting for a buddy so we can be sure of our set up.

With that, if you were able to show the other member’s heroes fighting alongside you (possibly in the background or off to the side in more of a 3D arrangement where they would be small and off in the distance because space on the screen is at a premium) that would be fun to watch. Especially if one day you can get 3 or 4 or even 5 members at once all hitting the titan together.


Just feeding a little more into your idea. Currently it’s you hit once, titan hits once. How would this work with two people? And 90 seconds?


How about this:

  • the titan still attacks each individual member as it does now (you hit once, titan hits once) and can attack others as well, as they hit (it’s only fair) so it’ll appear like the titan moves quickly, firing off attacks twice or three times quicker but it’s spread out.
  • when someone stuns the titan, they only stun the titan for 5 seconds as opposed to 1 move, and the effect is only in their favor, not the team as a whole.
  • if all members that are fighting the titan ALSO stun the titan within that 5 seconds, then there’s a bonus period… maybe 5 more seconds where the titan can’t attack anyone.


Other games give u damage bonuses if the target is being attacked at the same time. Stunning the titan would slow the super for the other players as well. It would look no different from the way u fight the titan now, you would get hidden bonuses.

Example. Player A hits with yellow drops same time as you player B, maybe 20% damage increase. Throw player C into the mix and it would be 30%. Mana build would increase by 2% stacked. No bonus for supers since they already powerful.

This would not be an easy advantage. As a group you could schedule a raid at the same time, but the board layouts differ between players and would eat up time trying coordinate attacks. Would fall to luck of the attack. Further more, if u was half way into the fight and a member logged on, u would get the boost for the second half. This way, it’s like team fighting.

If concerned about overpowering the titan, give the titan 5% damage(stacked) bonus for his rage of being cornered.

On side note this meathod would add a whole new strategy to Wars. Imagine having an opponent with a member at 3700 and you are 2500. Limit to a 2vs1 scenario and split won points accordingly.


Sorry but I dont think any of that is relevant to a 2v1 or 3v1 titan fight…