Simplify summon currencies 💰

So it seems that the Classic Legendary Hero Token has made it into the game for the use of Soul Exchange essentially. But… another token and currency to the pile.

Still waiting to see the Classic Epic Hero Token to appear. But while the new Classic Legendary Hero Token has the usage of summoning an old 5* hero to fill out the Soul Exchange requirement, I can’t quite see what its Epic counterpart is supposed to do…:thinking:

Anyway… updated OP.

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No thanks though…

… while not being counted towards hero capacity. Basically it’s SGG’s response to the increasing demand of giving us more hero capacity due to the increase af released heroes.

What if we merged all forms of summon tokens into one type. Would it really be that bad to use tokens from Atlantis and/or wilds to summon from taverns? After all certain heroes players want or need are only available at different times.

Just wondering what your thoughts on impact of the game could be.

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Sounds like the time to plug the idea I had almost two years ago! :laughing:


I think Black Friday summon and Solstice summon is the closest thing what we will get to this idea.

I voted for it then, and I would vote for it again :stuck_out_tongue: but alas, yeah I think the chances of this happening are low right now… you know, because of the “game economy”

Universal summon token won’t work due to the exact same reason universal health care won’t work. Can you imagine an American paying $1 and manage to see an actual doctor and prescribed meds?

Thats not how universal healthcare works…


Zynga will likely call the cops after reading this post.

They make more money by having individual tokens for each type of summons gate.
They are a business to make as much money as they can. Anything that would negatively affect that won’t be implemented. Just keeping it real.

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Summons token redistribution! :thinking:

The only summon token reinvented idea I wanna hear about is making silver summon token available to be use in any portal

What if the color of the coin dictates the % of the summon odds? That be cool

Speaking of which, I’ve been rewarded dragon tails and dragon eyeballs. Where is the storage unit that I can find them at in my stronghold?

I assume you mean titan? Titan parts are for crafting items, so you can find out how many you have in Inventory > Materials > Crafting.

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Apologies, I did mean “Titan” parts. Thank you for the information. I’m a newbie more or less, since May, and I am still learning the basics.

And so another new summon portal with its own coin! :laughing:

This is getting beyond silly. If the game keeps going on, how many new summon portals and respective coins will we have? :thinking:

the limit does not exist. gif | WiffleGif


Something 20 characters, something, thingamewidget.
Wait, is that thin-game-widget or thing-a-me-widget? :thinking:

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