Simplify hero summon currencies 💰

One season coin. Great idea!

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I mentioned this issue last year.

This thread has more votes than mine, though my proposal is perhaps a bit more far reaching than just the Season coins, but certainly worth considering pulling the votes together.

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Good point @ThePhilosopher we’ve used slightly different terminology so I didn’t find yours, but I’ll merge mine in.

My own efforts amounted to 6 votes over 8 months, so we know who got the terminology correct to get attention! :laughing:

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It’s all about an emoji in the subject line :wink:

I’ve added one for you!


Added an edit to my opening post to reflect the merger of Jonah’s contribution to the cause. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Apologies completely missed this and would have added a vote sooner.
I confess, a wall of text, at times I find tough to traverse. :dizzy_face:.

I could even see keeping 4 types of coins (daily, troop, epic, special). That would be easier to follow. And keep from locking older seasons totally out of reach (particularly for key 4* heroes, like Proteus or Wilbur). For my part, I still need Almur (since Evelyn and Fogg are not likely to happen), and he’s NEVER going to appear in another portal than S3, so I am forced to hunt the mythical gnomes.

I’ve been pondering this for a couple of days now, and I think I’m in favor in a kind of middle road.

Each season should maintain its focus on its own heroes and portals, but only for the stage completions and rewards. This funnels a certain number of pulls toward that season’s heroes (and the dreaded S1).

To stop mucking with the general game drops, we should actually add an extra currency; let’s call it “Otherworld Coins” which would operate as a 1:1 wildcard for any season. When open, each portal would treat the Otherworld Coin as part of the pool for that season – if I have 35 Valhalla Coins and 150 OWC, I would be eligible for a free draw, with the S3 coins consumed first.

Over time, our inventory should end up with just current season and OWC.

The one hitch in my “plan” is the coin droppers in the post-release season events. On one hand, seadragons and gnomes, as part of Atlantis and Valhalla, should, arguably, continue to drop realm currency, but, I’m more in favor of switching it to OWC just like chests and titan loot. Potentially, this would reduce the ire toward the Gnomes and whatever comes with post-S4.

In the end, this would give long-time players the flexibility they want, while providng a focus for early/mid-game players who are making their way through the story stages for the first time.

No worries. :slightly_smiling_face:

One of my aims during sabbatical from the game was to rewrite the OP. :laughing:
Though I do intend to stick to the proposal format and put forth arguments for the change. I already had an additional argument in mind before S4 was released, but seeing additional comments means I can probably streamline some of the points I want to make as well as strengthen the case for the proposal.

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Excellent idea. I would want it to be able to sell energy flasks. I have 60 raid energy flasks, and I don’t like raiding anyway, so why can’t I sell them?

I think it would be easier if they would simply remove the obsolete classic heroes from the Atlantis and Valhalla summons.

Wonder if anyone else has noticed SGG adding in another currency? :thinking:

I’ve updated the opening post to reflect the new Alliance Quest coin…

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