Simplify hero summon currencies 💰

I would like to see the pull/summon currency system simplified.

The problem
Empire and Puzzles uses eleven different currencies for summons:

  • Summon token
  • Epic hero token
  • Epic troop token
  • Atlantis coin
  • Valhalla coin
  • Underwild coin
  • Legends coin
  • Challenge coin
  • Costume key
  • Tower coin
  • Gems

Each currency varies in value.

1 x Summon/epic hero/epic troop token guarantees a single summon.
100 x Atlantis/Valhalla/Underwild/Legends/Tower coins guarantees a single summon.
10 x Challenge coins guarantees a single summon.
5 x Costume keys guarantees a single summon.
150 - 350 x gems guarantees a single summon.

Note: I do not mention what hero/troop you get from the summon, just that a summon requires a set amount of currency.

Main consideration

A new player cannot access many coins or keys. They are denied the opportunity for newer heroes in the game. Except if they spend gems, or use money to purchase gems to summon. There is no in-game reason why the commander has the use of a hero they haven’t yet met. It is lore breaking (as flimsy as the story might be).

Gems essentially trumps all the tokens, coins and keys for summoning purposes. Lore is obviously not a consideration for summons, so why restrict hero access through currencies obtained via gameplay? And if lore is a consideration, then why aren’t there restrictions for gem usage for summons? This seems inconsistent.


I believe the different coins and keys should be simplified to just one type of coin.

Thought process

The tokens are tiered, and should probably be kept as they are. Ideally the Summon token should have the chance at 4/5* as well, though this isn’t part of my proposal.

I think simplifying the current coins and key to a single currency, let’s call it ‘Coin’, would be beneficial.

By doing this it would allow players to spend Coins on whichever summon portal they wish. Elemental? Sure. Atlantis? Yep. Valhalla? Yeah. Seasonal events? Uh-huh. Challenge events? Indeed. Costume chamber? Yea. Tavern of Legends? Yup. Ninja Tower? Yus. Hey, I’m running out of different ways of expressing affirmation! And whatever new portal SGG decide to introduce (because we know they will…).

The values might need some readjusting so cost is uniform. In this case Coins as rewards in Challenge events and Costume Chamber would coincide with a new amount indicating equal worth. As it is ten Challenge coins or five Costume keys are worth the equivalent of 100 Atlantis/Valhalla/Legends coins as they provide a single summon. The farming for Challenge coins can also be adjusted proportionally to fit this new scheme.


I believe simplifying the summoning currencies to a single currency, excluding tokens and gems, would remove complaints about the lack of Atlantis coins and the bottleneck to summons in general for a proportion of the player base.

I don’t believe it would break the game economy, or upset game balance. If it does upset game balance then there is something fundamentally wrong with the heroes which can be summoned, but this would be a separate issue.

Let the yeas and nays begin! :laughing:

EDIT: corrected Challenge coins amount required for a summon.
EDIT 2: 5th Sept. 2020: browsing around and it looks like Ninja Tower will introduce a new Ninja Tower summon portal and… Tower coins! Will update post when it’s officially released and if I’m still around. :laughing:
EDIT 3: 14th Oct. 2020: included details on the Tower coins from the Ninja Tower game mode into consideration.
EDIT 4: 25th Mar. 2021. despite being on sabbatical I’ve noticed that Season 4 is now active. Which means… another currency!
EDIT 5: 27th Mar. 2021. Link to JonahTheBard’s contribution to the general idea as it has given the vote count a significant boost:

Theres a lot of things that could use some redesigning, hope somebody who knows somebody who can influence somebody who designs game content takes the time to read what you have written.

I for one would be happy if you could merge the useless silver tokens into epic tokens when you spent time, blood and sweat by getting the alchemy lab to lvl9-10.

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I’ll be surprised if anyone makes it to the end of what I wrote! :laughing:


Your idea is very good and I voted for it but I think that SGG implemented a currency for every special portal as they adds more break points wich raises their incomes.

The reasoning basically is: you have X amount of Atlantis Coins and you lack Y? Use your world flask energies and loot tickets or buy them. Then, if you are out of loot tickets subscribe the V.IP. pass and so on.

There are many cases of this, heroes ascension’s requiring both a Compass & Magic Orb or a Damascus Blade & Tome of Tactics being the most iconic case.

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Thank you.

Without a doubt there are many bottlenecks within the game; most well documented and have their own campaigns for change. This particular one about currency doesn’t seem very prominent.

I certainly don’t think SGG will change something which would affect their bottom line.

I think the odds is greater that they will create another building called bank to exchange the coins but only at 95% return rate :sweat_smile: :scream:

They’ll probably charge an arm, a leg, and an unspecified inner organ for such a feature. :laughing:

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With the new Ninja Tower play mode I thought I’d give this a ‘bump’ for attention. Will also re-edit opening post to keep the info up to date.

My suggestion is make only 1 currencies which is silver token that can be used on any summon portals

I totally agree… Reminds me of the casino… well, sure fits SG modus operandi -lol-

I voted on your topic @ThePhilosopher… For once, good thinking, hehehe :slight_smile:

I have submitted many an idea and complaint to these very forums, but verily they go ignored.

But thanks for the vote. I know this isn’t something which troubles many and not the most attractive propositions, but I do believe it’s a vital aspect for the longevity of the game.

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No, they will not be ignored… Heck, I like the topic where you vent your complaint and to be sure that one grows and be little less unnoticed I added an complaint myself which is not ridiculous

Big question remains: Will anyone of SG read it? -lol-

Stay safe + Be seeing you

I very much like this idea. That way, it’d give us some more freedoms to choose where to spend the tokens for our summons. For instance, lets’ say I no longer want to pull for Atlantis. That would at least make it so those specific coins don’t just sit there gathering dust.

Another alternative could be, allow coins to be exchanged. Let me exchange 100 Atlantis coins for 10 Challenge Coins., or 100 Valhalla coins for 100 Legends coins, whatever the case. You’re not gaining any summons, it’s still a 1:1 trade.

I believe the question can be answered thusly: no. :laughing:

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As SG requires a player be at a certain point before the next map is available; I’m sure they would limit when the Atlantis or Valhalla portals appears… can’t have access to every hero from the get go.

Got my vote

This isn’t an issue many care about, but it’s one I care about! :laughing:
And I rarely do any pulls…:thinking:
But the conceptual point I’m making still stands.

Having a browse and I came across the news of yet another portal will be added to the game. We know what that means. It means another token/coin/wotsit (no copyright/trademark infringement intended) will be added to the game increasing the number of currencies to 11.

Few people see this as an issue?
Oh, well…

Not an issue many care about, but I still do! :laughing:
Noticed that Season 4 has started while browsing the forum (currently inactive in the game), and updated OP to reflect this.

I should rewrite the OP really…:thinking:

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thanks for reviving! @JonahTheBard started something similar… maybe time to join forces?

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That IS a great Idea, Hope SG make some changes on it

They have more pull than I do! :laughing:
Though I did highlight this issue last year… :thinking:

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