Simple suggestion - Confirmation before raiding when raid chest not active

How about a confirmation question when about to do a raid and you dont have an active raid chest? Ive done it a bunch of times and it hurts deeply as there are so few opportunities to fill a raid chest each day. And for those who dont care about the raid chest… an option to get the confirmation come up each time or to suppress it.

If there is a better home for this post please feel free to relocate it…


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agreed. Forgot to skip the chest before starting to raid on several occasions, which most of the time cost me a raid flask. Should be fairly easy to implement and would definitely be a quality of life improvement.

@OP/mods: Maybe move this thread to #ideas-feature-requests?

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I wouldn’t want a reminder every raid but one when you first hit the raid button would be ok. Similar to the message that pops up when you go to farm and your hero slots are full.

I do this once a week. 10 minutes, 6 raids and when I exit, I see forgot to skip. Then my phone is in a real danger to be smashed on the wall.

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I have felt like sending my phone flying many times before, especially with my raid issue i have.
If all else fails, put it in a drawer and forget about it for a few hours.

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