Simple solution to make the trophy-tanking less frustrating to others

I’ve noticed a trend going on where people with good teams build crews of 1* heroes to tank their trophy score and then proceed to climb back up stomping all the weaker and new players.

I think that players should keep being matched based on their trophy score - it’s the only logical conclusion. Matching them by team power could result in people getting high up the ladder using 1* teams and fighting new players or similar silliness.

But. The trophy gain/loss should depend on the team power. Then:

  1. It’s much more difficult to tank your trophy score and abuse the system. If one sits at say 2000 cups and sets defense team to 300 team power they will be losing absolutely minimal amount of cups (say 3 per loss or whatever would seem right) as they’d be getting smashed by teams with high cup score.

  2. The climb would feel more fair. Now it’s common to see an enemy with 300 cups more than you that will give you less points for defeating him than you’d lose for losing. That’s not a fun challenge. Make it so defeating every player with a significantly higher team score (even if their cups are lower than yours) will always be rewarding would create worthwhile challenges and risks.

  3. Could still endlessly reroll to get weaker teams and keep climbing by 10-15 points so that’s not lost if it’s someone’s fancy.

I’d say it could go something like, cup difference:

0 = 25/25
100 = +30/-20
200 = +40/-15
300 = +50/-5
400 = +60/-1 (this is not a common occurrence unless someone’s gaming the system and tries to lose all their cups. If someone wins vs a team 400 points stronger than them they can sure have their 60 cups)

You imply that there’s a problem. There’s a lot of us who don’t care about trophies who set up a 1-hero defense team so our cups stay lower so we can do the hero wanted chest faster, so we can cycle through to rare wanted chests faster. There’s lots of us who don’t care about trophies. Once I get that chest done, every raid energy until it’s time for a new one is used to simply flee.

The whole trophies concept itself is completely stupid when it’s not tied to team power. I have a second account on another device using only the $4.99 intro package and whatever I can build naturally. That team’s power is like 1200, but even with <100 trophies, you still get matched up against teams with 1600-1900 power and it’s a slaughter.

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I get also teams, that have 500 trophies more than I do, but a few clicks for new search and everything is fine.

I do this - but try and be respectable and field a maxed 3* team with ~2400 power built to be annoying to people who challenge it (my main team is ~700 more power). I’d say it still wins 1/3 of the time when raided so it’s competitive to say the least given it loses to teams with 400+ more power.

I only do it to complete the wanted missions quickly as another has indicated. It’s nothing personal, just the business of clearing that out that mission quickly. I don’t raid otherwise.

On the flip side - do you not search for teams with lower power to win presumably easier? And why not just avoid those teams if you don’t approve of the tactic?

I also think the raid system (as a raider) is tougher now - I have lost a handful of times to teams with 500 less power under the new system.

It’s not a bad idea though, but again, I don’t care about the trophies so it doesn’t matter to me one way or another, really.

This post makes absolutely no sense.

  1. So if I sit at 3150 cups and rank 2 is at 3000 cups. I could just put a team full of 1* heroes. Then when someone attacks me I lose just 3 cups. Thanks! Now I can stay on top forever!

  2. What are you talking about?

a) You can not get a raid target with 300 cups more than you. The raid paring system gives you targets with max 280 more or less cups than you have. Only way to raid a 300 cup higher is to revenge someone who attacked you when difference was smaller…
b) The cups you get from win or lose for defeat is already depending on your cup difference. If you raid someone with 300 more cups, you will gain over 50 cups for a win, and if you lose you will lose like 5 cups. The situation you described can not happen.
c) using team power or team score to settle cup gains and losses is a terrible idea. So if i level my hero my cups will not go up, because while i win more fights I get less cups and lose more cups. The cup difference based scoring already takes care of this. Generally higher power teams are higher in cups, because they win more fights and stronger opponents. But also skill affects it. Both playing skill and team building skill.


The problem is while the CUP range might not differ more than 300, the team POWER range might be more than 800.

I have “dropped cups” once, to see what all the fuss was about. I understand wanting to get that Raid chest filled every day, and the current Raid set-up doesn’t really permit it unless one is already way up on the team power scale (hi Arien) :smile:

So what to do?

Some drop cups. That is their answer to the “I want to fill my Raid chest, but these matchups are ridiculous!” dilemma.

Until SG changes the game and makes this move invalid, its a valid choice.

I was attacked several times by someone with way less than 300 trophies than me, I was over 2100 and the person was in the 1400, so your statement is incorrect.

Yup, I’ve had my 2nd account 1300 power team (3 star heroes still at tier 1) with ~100 cups routinely matched up against teams with power 1800-2100 with ascended 4 stars. There’s literally ZERO chance of winning vs that, and you’ll need a super lucky board just to kill 1 hero. (Yes, I could spend food, but when you’re at that stage, you need all the food you can find for both training and then leveling).

Even with my first account, I’d have a team power around 2900 and cups around 1800-1900 and was rarely getting matched against anyone less than 3200 team power. Thus I started sandbagging cups (set my defense team as 1 hero, when I didn’t need the raid energy for wanted chest, just finding a lower cup player and fleeing) and settled in around 1300.

Now I know the team power is only a “thumb in the air” kind of measurement of power but it’s somewhat accurate.

I wish there was a “I don’t care about trophies” options.

I was not talking about raid chest and dumping cups, I understand why people do it. But in my post I was referring to the points 1-3 OP made.

But essentially people are looking for a system were attacker wins every time, so you can fill your raid wanted easily. This is not the point of the game.

One fix would be to not award kills or loot if the raid target’s power is lower than some % of yours.

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Filling raid chests as fast as possible may not be the point of the game but it is the only thing the game rewards.

I could see a system where your raid attack team and defense teams must be within say 300 power of each other. You could still game the system but not as badly.

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I am joining the dumping cup people as of right now. I have had it with this BS raid system. It is literally sucking the joy out of this game…so I am going to drop solely so I can quickly fill my raid chest…but I am done caring about cups. I hit my high of 2230 a week or so ago…now my team has lost 400 cups and is getting shut out by teams 300 power less then them…this system is flawed…I don’t expect to win every time but when you go from winking fairly often to not being able to even compete there is something wrong…

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Only thing game rewards? Maybe you should explore the game some more.

Limiting the power difference is a ridiculous idea. The cups show how strong you really are and is a good limiter to who you can fight.

My idea to remove rewards for raiding lowew power targets is better. It prevents the cup dumping tactic.

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This strategy doesn’t work at all, you just lose trophy and resources for no good reason, and the Raid gives me the same opponents no matter what…

The way this (usually) happens is they pull you when they’re out of energy, and then the game sometimes doesn’t refresh a new target when they now have energy… or some similar period of time has passed where one or both player’s cup value has changed in the interstitial period.

I’ve never seen a target out of the usual cup range after hitting reroll.


Arien, in context yes filling raid chests as fast as possible is the only thing the game rewards with any relation to cups. Unless there is some hidden mechanic you know of that gives more or better rewards at 3000 cups vs 30.

As far as not providing rewards for attacking someone at lower power, why shift the onus onto the attacker? Why make denying attackers benefits a viable defensive strategy to maintain ranking?

The fact is cups are seen as largely meaningless so people game the system for the visible rewards. Until cup ranking has tangible benefits the issue will persist. A ladder system would work, setting loot tiers for cup totals would work too

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“There’s no reward for higher cups”

Well there’s no reward for higher heroes is there? I’m going to say the WORST thing to say to a gamer, but for a different reason.

“It is a game”

Now bare with me, I’m not pulling the, “It’s just a game guys” line of thought here, I’m getting at what ‘rewards’ are. Is player A really rewarded because they spent 450 dollars and finally got a Sartana? Or is player B more rewarded because of using a daily summon and finally getting Hawkmoon, they really wanted her and like the way she looks. Or how about player C, that finally got to 2000 cups.

My point it is, it’s ALL digital fulfillment, and having x amount of cups, or this hero or these heroes is only a matter of what YOU want to chase. There’s probably someone out there trying to craft 100,000 small mana potions, and kudos to them.

Getting higher cups is no more worthless than getting the hero of the month. It just depends on what you’re after…

drinks coffee and waits for response


Yes exactly “it just depends on what you’re after”. From the feedback I’ve seen, what most people are after is just progressing their team, and I mean their primary team. When you hit that 4 star final ascension, 5 star tier 2 to 3 to 4 ascension material shortage wall, your progress on your team immediately stagnates.

Sure, you can level up a few backup 4 stars if you’re lucky enough (or spent enough) to have them.
Sure, you can level up some 3 stars for the once a month contest.

But those are just fillers for what it seems like most people want, which is to advance their top guys. Right now that looks to take months. Now for a mobile game that’s a fun hobby, is not advancing your primary team, which it seems like is most people’s goal, for a month, 2 months, 4 months fun at all? No. No it’s not.

Thus, we have a lot of people who just want to fill the wanted chests as soon as possible since that will bring the rare wanted chest a slight bit faster, which if you’re lucky, maybe will have one of those compasses, shields, orbs, darts, etc that you need. It’s a just a way of slightly increasing the drip-drip-drip rate faster (though nowhere near fast).

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I was fairly specific in that the game only provides rewards for filling raid chests and that the game provides nothing for rewards based on cup total. Sure you can pat yourself on the back for hitting some personal goal or chase some self-defined objective but is different from Little Giant providing incentives to achieve a goal like gems at the end of a map level.

It is just a game and everyone enjoys it in their own way. To me some of the raid frustration is the conflict in perspective aided by the game incentives. Do I go for a top slot for personal satisfaction or do I maximize raid chest rewards for ascension item trys? Running into teams going for the latter will be frustrating because they will intentionally be overpowered relative to their ranking. Until the strategy for both goals is the same the issue will remain because one group sees cups as the goal, and another sees them as an obstacle to be minimized.

One of the most sought after items is the rare elemental Wanted chest…why? Because it has decent loot compared to nearly every other (free) loot payout in the game.

Is it true that the game is more likely to pop up the rare elemental Wanted chest if I clear my monsters, heroes and Titans more quickly? i don’t know, but I think it’s true, therefore I chase after this particular reward, and I am not alone.


I think we can assume that it’s RNG spawn like so many other things in the game.

Therefore more chances = moar bettah, and as a result clearing as many of the mission chests as you can is a good thing. I don’t think anyone can really argue against that point either.

It’s not why I sandbag somewhat (though you can look at 7dd and note Arien is at the top of the alliance cup wise and I’m at the bottom and we have very different perspectives on the issue as a result) and someday I will absolutely play for as many cups as I can, but that’s just not right now… I have way too many things requiring ham, if I get to the point where ham is no longer needed, then I’ll really try to see how high I can get rather than knowing I can kiss 2400 if I try.