Simple question..20 caracters

simple question. do you know if the buffs of Kiril and Wu add up?

Yes, they does :slight_smile:

They are different kind of bonus and stack (but Kiril can’t stack with Brienne while Wu Kong can)

Okay, let’s teach instead of answer.

Ber, the best way to learn about buffs and debuffs is to play with them. Pick an easy province that you like to farm. Use the heroes you have questions about. Simply hold your finger down on the opponent and you have prooc of what has happened.

Yes, they do. Wu stacks with Kiril, Boldtusk or any other attack booster. The easiest way to tell is by looking at the icon that appers on your hero when the skill is in effect. Wu has dice, Kiril/BT has Sword with up arrow.

Also, fyi, If the icon is the same, whomevers skill was used last will replace the previous one. I.e. BT is +48%, if you use Kiril next, he will replace that 48% with a 30%.

Another tip I can give you is that you can negate an enemies attack debuff by using your heroes att buff.

Oh, and heroes like Brienne will stack with both Wu and BT/Kiril. A triple whammy.

Poster might want to mention flags.

Brienne doesn’t stack with BT or Kiril. She does stack with Wu

Oh, they changed that? It’s been months since I did that experiment.

Yes. And Wu’s attack also stacks with Dragon and Bear Banners…they are the same as Kiril. I think even easier is to look at the icons. Wu’s special make the dice. Kiril, Bear and Dragon banners do the upside sword. Hence: they are different and stack.

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