Simple improvement to Autoplay AI - Center Focused

currently autoplay will fire off specials in ‘Left to Right’ order: LW,LF,T,RF,RW (L=left, R=right, W=wing, F=flank,T=tank/center)
I propose a ‘CENTER FOCUSED’ option that will be in the following priority: T,LF,RF,LW,RW

Targeting with specials is currently ‘RANDOM’, there should also be a ‘CENTER FOCUSED’ option

So there should be in the options of the game a setting like this:
Specials: L-R (default) /or/ Center Priority (T,LF,RF,LW,RW)
Targeting: Random (default) /or/ Center Priority (T,LF,RF,LW,RW)

the biggest improvement this will do is make it so heroes that hit 3 targets with their specials will actually hit 3 most of the time instead of usually wasting one of the hits on an edge

Center focused order of specials going off will allow for more strategy in team layouts with two options.
Personally I would always have targeting be center focused, but special order would depend on the team.

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