Simple idea to enhance titans, difficulty and strategy -HL item carryover

So imagine if Hunters lodge item effects on titans carry over to the next player after your turn, if there are turns left on the effect.

Eg can debuff titan defence before my round is over and leave turns of defence down on the board for the next player to hit titan.

Opens up a new world of Alliance strategy and synergy on titans making them more fun again and enhancing comraderie and teamwork.
Eg player A goes in with express strategy of leaving a defence down on for player B who goes in with full on tile damage. That’s a simple example but players would get creative.

Extends the difficulty spectrum and titan stars. Eg a great alliance with strategy can now achieve much higher star titans when they coordinate…

For teams that don’t strategise they would still get the benefits randomly and help them achieve a slightly higher tier than they are currently.

Difficulty to program? Server to manage turns or timing and effects etc…

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