Simple farming request


This is inspired by my friend @Chuck who has the most laughable rotten luck with gloves. I think you could make the items needed for all heroes to ascend like gloves, damascus blade, compass farmable in the higher levels. It seems just silly to me that someone can actually collect the other mats needed and be hung up on something like gloves that most players I know get all the time. It could (should) have a beginning Providence like boots and chainmail do but I think it’d be a nice game improvement overall.


As the chuck of topic here…I fully support this idea. I have not had a glove drop for me from titan loot, chest, rare quest…he’ll even the challenge event did not have 1 glove to be found in well over a month. The only reason I got my last 2 pair of gloves is cause I bought them as part of epic deals. Seems nuts that I can have 7 hidden blades, 8 orbs, 7 capes, 4 rings, 4 tabbards and no ■■■■ gloves…


I agree 100%. Considering how often these items are used compared to the element specific items it really would make more sense to make them more available through gameplay. It’s already been brought up how pointless it seems to farm the higher levels, so adding a chance (even if just a small chance) to get some of these items in those higher levels would be a huge incentive to farm those levels


I think the following ascension materials should drop on some levels

  • compass(3*)
  • fine gloves (3*)
  • Damascus blade (4*)
  • tome of tactics (4*)

It’s already a pain gathering the others but you need one of each along with a gazillion ascension items especially on the ascension of 5*, I’ve been playing for 3 months and I barely have 3 Damascus blades but I don’t even know how tome of tactics looks like…


In my alliance, we are constantly, and by we I mean me, complaining about a lack of fancy gloves and golden clocks. I can see keeping the 4* stuff harder to obtain like the other 4* items, but for the love of Chuck, give us a chance at more gloves!



It doesn’t make sense that you can farm certain 3* items (chain mail, scabbards, those little red books), and not gloves or compasses. Just another thing that doesn’t make sense in this game…


The difference in the 3* items you just mentioned is low tier vs high tier ascensions.

But I do think that having the common ascension mats farmable at the higher provinces would be a good thing. :slight_smile:


I have been playing for almost 3 months and I have never received any gloves. I got 10 warm capes and 6 compasses though. I have 7 heroes waiting for ascension which all need a pair of gloves. I have been able to ascend only two heroes with gloves I bought from epic deals.

Is there a deliberate shortage of gloves to make people buy the epic deals? If that’s true, I really don’t like the approach. I think we should be able to get gloves from every rare quest. Make us fight hard for them, that will give a sense of achievement which is completely lacking if everything is just random drops. Or make gloves/compasses farmable as suggested…


Never enough gloves or compasses…I have noticed that the game is streaky, meaning you go cold on an item and then BAM you get a ton in a short window. Example for me is the 3* shields. Had zero in 4 months of playing and have gotten six within the last month or so. Same happened with blades. I always seem to get orbs though no matter what.


Agree that it would be nice to be able to farm them - but just for the sake of not having a completely one-sided picture here;

I don’t spend money on this game and I have 14 gloves and 14 compasses (apart from all that I’ve used in ascending heroes), just like all other ascension materials I’ve had periods where I only got those (basically all from titans). I’ve had this with shields, hidden blades, trap tools and now seem to have it with orbs - maybe confirmation bias/dumb coincidence, maybe loot comes in waves :slight_smile:

I believe there’s also a rare quest that gives these items? I’d personally be bummed to see it as I don’t need anything like it and would rather have a different one (sorry, selfish :smiley: ) but I hope ya’ll will get that or via titans in the meantime!