Simple choice? between Rigard or Sabina

Also Kunchen is a cleanser

Both Rigard and Sabina are extremely helpful heroes to have around, and the both can save your behind in tough spots… Rigard is a lot harder to kill, more resilient, withstands a lot more punishment… Sabina is… well, Sabina… Not fair comparing her with Sonya, Caedmon or other dispellers… she also heals 42%, which is invaluable. Only other 4* that does that is Melendor. Unfortunately they both go down way too easy… No simple choice here… ask yourself which do you need more often? Cleanse or dispell? Because you won’t be using them both at the same time… I guess that would give you your answer.

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Zimkitha, Aeron and Lady Locke too, but all of them are not “regular” heroes (heroes avalaible using TC20).

That’s why i didn’t mention them.

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Why not?

20 cleanse/debuff/heal teams


I would never bring two healers of the same speed and color. Healers are on your team as a back-stop for when you don’t have super boards that let your strikers quickly dispatch the foe. When I bring two healers, I want to maximize the chance that one of them gets powered up.

Against a holy titan you might bring both, but Sabina’s on the team for her tile damage.


Because you also need someone to actually inflict pain on you enemies. Bringing these particular two healers leaves not a lot of space for any other kind of support heroes, like defense or attack buffers, mana supressors, spirit linkers, riposters and so on. You will need to fill your other team spots with direct damage inflicters, or you will be left with relying exclusively on tile damage, which is something I struggle to avoid…

Okay, agree.

There are at least 3 things mana can do.

  • charge and hit
  • charge and heal
  • charge and buff

Combining all 3 to a superior team synergy is the strategic part of the game. As you can see, all of those need the charge, which will do almost the same damage as the hit itself. Now we stack to get the maximum from the charge as well. Rest is luck. I’ve done fun raids with only healers, which worked well. Imo 2 or 3 healers help a lot.

Watch my vid of a raid against a dreamteam using 3 healers.

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Thank you all,
I’m still a newbie, a lot of the heroes you’ve mentioned are far in the future,unless iget lucky again ( Frida on a extra to a token i think.) I do spend a good amount of time reading this forum and taking notes ( unexpected things can happen).

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Just pulled another Rigard. The first one is somewhere around 2/25. Wasn’t looking for him, just for someone, not a healer, to add to my team dark 4*. Don’t know when I’ll get to him. To the bench he goes.

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Interesting fact…I did not know this. Is there a list on this site where I can see who counters who? I’ve found that although I have really strong heroes, putting the wrong heroes against each other in wars and raids makes their strength invaluable. This is one thing I would LOVE to change. Not much direction is given about how to advance in the game in regards to knowledge like this, ( being able to attack one hero in battle with special attack took me months to discover etc…lol )

I’m not aware of such a list—and usually one hero is only a partial counter to another. For example, Sabina is good against Guinevere because (a) she strips the heal and dark-shield buffs that Guinevere and (b) her dark tile damage is strong against holy Guinevere. OTOH she doesn’t block the most serious of Guin’s skills, the mana cut. You need to bring Red Hood or Poseidon to help there.

Another example is Kiril vs. Santa. Kiril erases the two debuffs from Santa and heals back the damage he caused, but Kiril doesn’t deal with the minions Santa cast on his team.


…I’ve had Sabina maxed for awhile and Poseidon leveling but didn’t think to take them to battle with me against her. Idk why I didn’t honestly. Your explanation is worded so perfectly it makes it sound like common knowledge to the Empires and Puzzles Universe lol I wonder if there was information on some of this if maybe it would help frustrated game players not leave the game. Just thinking out loud. :slightly_smiling_face: thank you! I appreciate you and all the moderators!

Ariel can be considered Gravemakers counter. She heals and cleanses the burn and provides a strong blue attack to red.

Rigard > Sabina. A healer is no good dead and Rigard is much more tanky than sabina.


Ursena unleashed to counter mighty Guin. Paired with Sabby and Proteus she won’t be a threat any longer.

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When I wrote that she weren’t yet released.

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I have several copies of both with one of each fully emblemed. There both have their uses. Sabrina and Seshat are my combination against a Telly team with a yellow flank or an oppenent that has reflecting hero’s and yellow is appropriate like Guin.

Regie was may only cleaner for a very very long time and still come to the party alot even though I’m 12 deep with mostly 5’s.: costumed emblemed 4’s healer stack up with the 5’s that are REALLY REALLY hard to get and build out