Simple, but satisfying changes

We players find difficulties in our journey within the game. One of them is to get food, one of the most scarce resources in the game due to the expense of leveling up heroes and troops.
Another difficulty is just to improve troops because it takes many recruits of that specific color and food to evolve. I have some suggestions that could make the game better and more fun especially for players just starting out.

  1. Be able to upgrade all farms to advanced
  2. For those who already have all the buildings full, you know that the iron resource is left over and is no longer useful in the game. should have in-game option to exchange iron for food
  3. Having three spaces in the herói academy the same as in the alchemy lab to be able to spend more iron building troops
  4. Be possible to evolve troops with any color of troops the same happens with heroes

I believe these small changes would help improve our gaming experience, especially for new players who may get frustrated with the delay in progressing in the game. These changes would have little or no effect on the company’s finances, but would help players a lot.

There are many uses for iron after your base is finished.

One suggestion is to build the troops you mention are scarce in the HA

even using iron to build troops and items, there is still a lot of resource left. you easily stock a lot of resources and run out of real use. I’m 400+ days in the hero academy building 3* troops and researching the retrain. what could you do then to balance is the emblems consume more iron than food

Ok but leveling troops is already a true taste of hell no need to make that worse.

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Cyclones, scroll of alterations for titans scores, mythic titans and tournaments?
Bombs and dragon bombs for tournaments? Titan spears for titans?

Many reasons to use iron, besides troops

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it occurs that I don’t have a suitable healer against a certain titan. in this case it’s possible to take Time Stop. with each Time Stop the titan dosn’ have the normal attack for three turns, so no healer is needed.For each Time Stop 96.6K iron is used - so iron is very useful.

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Please don’t shoot the messenger.

Seems like sgg commented on troops, and that they want to protect their revenue from that source (inferred).

Maybe it costs $500 - $1000 to summon feeder troops for a 4*, rainbow set. Thousands of lost dollars in revenue per player could be lost, not counting revenue from buying the food required. There would also be lost revenue from p2w levelling of 2*/3* troops as well.

Would be nice to “craft” the bundles for iron and food when we get an excess of them instead of waiting for PoV to happen and getting them as milestones.