Simple but interesting use of loot tickets

Before loot tickets if I was slowing my XP gain to try and time a level for titan flag resets, I would farm super low provinces that reward 40-50xp to use up my World energy and get as many recruits and troops as possible before the level reset.

With loot tickets you can spend an entire energy bar to “tick” you over to the next level… getting more for your remaining energy.

Example, you have 500xp to level, you can do 5x7 flag auto wins (35 energy) and get 14k xp in one shot to level.

Small gains…


Yer, I’ve done that, it’s a good technique :slightly_smiling_face:


I save my loot tickets for when I wake up in the middle of the night, check my game, and see that my lives are full. A couple of clicks, and the box now has room until I wake up hours later.


I didn’t fully understand the benefit when I read your post this morning, but I’m about to level and have postponed it by an hour or two for Titan to come up. And I just realized that the benefit was to prevent wasted flags waiting for the Titan. Thanks for the post.


I used same cheat :grinning:

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I save them for elemental chests!
When an elemental chest pops up i just use my tickets and grab my loot, worthed too

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Ziz, I like to use one loot ticket at 21-9 for a 10 recruit bonus on the big exp gain; however, I do only the one after running the remaining exp needed down under 100.

I use them to farm to fill a chest before bed. Too often I’ve fallen asleep farming…


Another way to use your flags to fill your chest and still hold off levelling so you have the extra hits for your titan is to flee before the last monster dies. Though you don’t gain any loot this way.

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If you want the loot, especially 1* troops, 2* troops, recruits, 1* heroes, 2* heroes, food and iron, you can do it using math, but it took a lot of real world time ( this is still useful if you are a) stubborn and b) out of loot tickets ):

[Algebra, Math, Stubborn] World energy flask leveling or maximum troops & heroes

A Method referenced in the original post:

Hi guys. I keep my loot tickets for the
Season. Then I use them.

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Since Atlantis Rising I’m sure a lot of us do the exact ssme thing.

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