Similar heroes in your bench - who do you choose? how do you decide?

I thought it would be nice to share thought processes. If you have some “similar” heroes in your bench, how do you decide who to use?

  1. Gregorion vs. Lianna

I noticed that I am using Gregorion more than Lianna now in raiding. Why? Gregorion is+8, and with level 17 mana troop charges in 9 tiles - just a bit slower than Lianna with 8.

And Greg’s critical hit buff helps with tile damage (I have crit troops on Hansel and Francine). The element link is a nice little bonus as well.

Lianna still comes along, but generally if I only have space for one, Gregorion gets picked.

  1. Sartana vs. Domitia

I have costumes for both, so their mana speed is similar now. I find myself using Domitia (either costumed or not) more often than Sartana, simply because Domi comes with a dispel or cleanse. I find in the current meta, most defenses have multiple buffers or ailment casters, so some multiple redundancy helps.

When I run Purple mono, I usually have 2 cleansers or 2 dispellers based on the enemy lineup, with Domitia being the second. other dispellers are Seshat and C-Sabina, other cleanser is C-Rigard. If using both Seshat and C-Sabina, then Sartana comes in.


Thanks for the idea! For me another factor are the stats. For example if that hero has a decent survivability or not. In the 4* realm Grimm sees much less play than Tiburtus for example, though none have great defense. Or why I use Rigard more than Sabina even if I don’t need a cleanse.

That extra of their specials, like in your examples, is also very important.

And of course the subjective affinity with a certain hero (you like their design, their special etc) and your previous experience with them before ascending. Like you used hero X at 3.70 three times with bad results and you used hero Y three times with good results. Three times is not really statistically relevant, as the wins/ loses depend on more factors, but it is enough for our mind to draw a conclusion - this is hero is good/ bad…

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that’s a good point re stats! when I run mono, this is not important. but when I run 3/2, how would I choose Tibs over Grimm, for example.

in the map, I used to run Sabina over Rigard because Sabina had higher attack. But now with C-Rigard vs. C-Sabina, I prefer C-Rigs for the attack boost :slight_smile:

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