Silver token dropping less

Starting this thread as now in last 10 daily MCs have gotten 2 regular silver summon tokens… another in my alliance said it happened to them to…and today another said they didn’t get one…so maybe just bad luck or is anyone else noticing Less regular summon tokens dropping… I’ll continue to monitor mine but any other information would be awesome :smile:

I still get 4-5 each day from various sources…

What is MC?


Same with me…getting 3 at least a day…haven’ noticed that they drop less…


MC is probably Monster Chest, I would think.

I haven’t noticed a change. Might be a string of bad luck, which happens.


I have noticed this too. Just finished Monster daily chest and didnt receive Silver Token.
This happened a day b4 as well.

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The rate of Silver Token from Monster Chest is slightly more than 50%. Raid Chest (Diamond) have better rate.

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Yeah no change here still get prob 2-3 a day.

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Thanks everyone just reaching out and MC Yes is monster chest…but even again this morning no silver token… that’s now 2/11 I’ve gotten any in… raid chest are still dropping them But maybe having a string of bad luck…I’ll.keep tracking

Earlier, my MC didnt give the silver token, as well as my 11* titan battle rewards. But I’d still get them at least 3x a day. Currently have almost 200 in my inventory, only using them when summoning for events.

Completed today’s Monster chest, no silver token; got 3 gems tho.

I don’t care for silver tokens, but get many of them from almost every monster chest.

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Quite literally I am sure, this where SG is generous. It’s actually hard to avoid the aluminium tokens in my experience.