Silver Token drop reduction

Maybe I’m wrong but since path of Valor started … I ám gettin less and less of silver tokens anyone else have the same feeling ??


Don’s share that feeling but did I not count them.
But my gut feeling tells me that they are on par.

I am still getting a silver token in all my chests (I always open 4/day - 2x monster and 2x raid). And I even got one from the mystic vision today :slight_smile:

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I was also getting like 2-5 silver tokens each day ! now i get like max 1-2 per day …Looks like me and my alliance is gettin very unlucky during last days …


Yes, I and my Alliance colleagues also began to receive less silver tokens.

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I thought it was just me, but I always got them from my chests like clockwork. Now it seems to be hit or miss.

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Without any solid data collecting there is no way to know for surea and all is based on gut-feeling. Everybody is looking for the tokens now as they are needed for the PoV.
So without any hard evidence I am inclined to not believe the drop has decreased.


Conspiracy theory: SG intentionally reduced silver token drop rate to force players to buy VIP pass or purchase gems to do summons! How evil and greedy of them! :rofl:


I can always count them to be in elemental and war chests…sometimes even 2!



For me it’s definite 3, good source of silver tokens :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s only 1600 gems to do 10 summons.

I get more now…started tracking my loot on 16.1.

Silver Tokens total from 16.1. to 6.2.: 66

16.1.-2.2.: 16 days, 51 tokens = 3,2 per day
3.-6.2.: 4 days, 15 tokens = 3,75 per day

tbh the 16 days include 2 elemental chests with 2 silver tokens each, the 4 days up to now include 1 elemental chest with 3 silver tokens :slight_smile:

Anyway, before the conspiracy theorists goes off to la la land, here are all the silver tokens I received within the last two days, so I definitely don’t see any nerf after PoV. :slight_smile:


Ahhh.and i just wanted to write about conspiracy :smiley:
Well…have to find another thread :sweat_smile:


Fear not my friend
The forum is far and wide
Conspiracies galore.


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You guys really get a silver token in every Wanted chest? I’m usually lucky to get one in two days (every 6 or 7 chests, depending on when they reset). Is that because of loot tiers maybe?

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No. I often get minor healing and a gem or herbs and a gem or…from monster chests.

For hero chests in diamond it’s true, I only got 2 times no silver token, but an ETT and an EHT instead. So I think, for Diamond is a token roll with low percentages for ETT and EHT normal.


When you are looking for it, they seems to be nowhere…

When you are not looking for it, they seems to be everywhere…

(It’s not the silver token, it’s your focus on the silver token)


I waited to finish my hero chest before posting in case I wasn’t remembering correctly, got ham, iron, herbs, minor potions, and 2 gems. I bounce between high Silver and low Gold so I supposed that must be why.

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dang, you’re right, I forgot to clear my mind first.

:ok_hand: ommmmmmmmmm ommmmmmmmmm :ok_hand:

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