Silly question here

Training camp
Hero of the month
free to play


Not a silly question at all. The terms are unique for this game so not surprising you haven’t heard them before.

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Wow thanks, guess it makes sense after you know them, lol.
I didn’t grow up in the generation of abbreviations when texting, lol.
Cheers guys


When The game was launched?

No, meaning our older minds don’t think about abbreviating everything like youngs ones do today.

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Check the dictionary for any similar queries…or suggest new entries :blush:


Last year around march (?) I think.

These acronyms have been around for decades, so nothing unique about them and this game.

Just pointing that out :slight_smile:

I warmly recommend that thread, in particular if one seeks to rejuvenate one’s mind with some novelty knowledge. Or even better, coming up with a new entry of one’s own. :+1: Nothing rejuvenates the ol’ grey mass more than getting creative.


Unless you’ve never played these types of games before, or are older like I am… then it’s all new :wink:

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Fair enough :wink: :wink:

HOTM became a term in around 2003-2005 with World of Warcraft game where devs released new heroes and tweaked things making some heroes overpowered thus players started calling them Heroes of the month because with the next patch some other heroe would get to be overpowered.

F2P really caught traction with DotA and subsequently League of Legends, around 10 years ago.

TC is AFAIK this game only :slight_smile:

I’m a 63 year old woman who just got my first tablet a year ago. I don’t even have a cell phone. I swore I’d never play a game like this, I’ll stick to word games, thank you. Then I stumbled onto this one, didn’t have a clue what I was doing, loved it and became addicted. Then my tablet started acting up, bought another one and couldn’t tranfer the game so I started a second profile. First tablet settled down and now I’m addicted twice :sweat_smile:


princess1 there is a way to get into your first account on your new tablet. log into your old account, go to settings, hit about and write down the account number. On the new tablet go to the game go into options and log out of the new game, then log in as the first one and use that acount number. there is a support button if you need help. this way you ccan play both. I hope that helps and i explained it right

I’ve made sure to write down EVERYTHING about my games now. The problem I had was with my Google account. It kept saying this account already exists. I tried screaming at it that yes, it’s mine, but that didn’t work. I’ll write down your instructions and pray I don’t start a third profile :smile:


lol good luck. if that dont work look under support and hopefully there is a helpful person there i am not the best at these things

Princess1; This account already exists comment would only come up with google account if you maybe mistakenly clicked on create an account instead of login so when you type in the email address it’s telling you the account already exists.

The you unfarmilair with using the same apps on multiple phones/tablets may I suggest just using your google account on all of the when you register on any game or other no matter which unit your on at the time this way no matter which you play on all the accounts will always be linked.
Just keep in mind though that on most apps and games you can only be logged into it from 1 unit at a time so if you forget to log out of the game say from your phone and then go to your tablet and want to login it will get 1 of 2 messages being 1) You are already logged in. OR 2) your already logged in on another device, would you like to log out of that decive and lig in here.

Technology today is smart and if you play along with it and follow your Devices suggestions keeping everything linked to your google account you will be just as smart.

Hope this helps you.

If by any chance you have already created different accounts and you would like to be able to link them together as one then this isn’t hard to do at all, just follow my steps below: Presuming all your devices accounts are on the same google account which can be done as I have about 7 devices all linked. If there then you can add the same google acc to everyvdevice without wiping the other account and it will work.

  1. go to games or apps account settings and change both the email address and password to exactly match (the same as) your google accounts email address and password. Go to each device and checkbthose settings in the game.

Once you have done that as long as you are logged into your device when you want to play or access the game it will automatically log you in considering you click on Allow the first time on each device.

All sounds confusing but really it’s very simple,


Welcome to the sisterhood of silver haired Titan slayers! :slight_smile:
Sixty eight here, new to morpeg games a year ago.
Aren’t the people here amazing?
Best of luck to you!


You have to swear at it while you’re screaming. Screaming alone is usually ineffective with these things. I had another game where my tablet even took flight a few times in addition to yelling and swearing. That was one stubborn game, I’ll tell ya.


Ok, now here’s a really silly question – how do you quote a post that you’re replying to? I’ve seen it done here, and I’ve pushed every button I can see, but nothing appears to do it. It’s pretty easy in every other forum I’m on, and I’m not usually this dense, but I’m baffled here.

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highlight it and hit reply. That should do it.


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