Silhouetted heroes in Version 20: Raids, Rosters

Has anyone come across silhouetted heroes since upgrading the game. I have an android phone. It has happened twice to me

It’s the new guess my tank mode. :wink:

Doesn’t happen to me.

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Lol. Nice. How do I get that? :ok_hand:

More heroes show up black. If they show up black in my hero roster, then they are black in raids as well

Some heroes show up black in my hero roster and in raids. Has anyone else experience this? Only like this since having updated the game

You’re not alone, saw this posted in one of my Line chats.

Thanks for letting me know, at least I know it’s not my phone. 7 heroes show up blank now.

After the last update i can’t see Boldtusk , his image is black. I can see his name and normal icon in war and raids but i cannot see the hero when i click him. Atached screenshots can probably explain more. Playing from Note9 latest android update. Latest game update

Please help… I cant actually see any of my heroes since the latest update. When i click on them they r blacked out. And any raid opponents also have blacked out heroes.???

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