Silent war changes?

For the last several wars I have noticed what appears to have been a decrease in points or at the least a different point distribution for opposing teams. I dont quite have enough depth or firepower to take on their 4k teams with my 6 lineups, but I generally take on their 5th or so best defenses which for the level of competition we are currently facing is generally anywhere from 3400-3700 team power. Previously wiping one of these teams would net around 60-65 points, and now appear to be netting around 50. The possibility remains that we may be now facing better competition with less top heavy strength 1-30, but looking through their teams this doesn’t appear to be the case. Has anybody else felt this, or am I just nuts?

Points for defeat are determined by health and not TP. And the distribution of points will depends on the total alliance makeup.

I haven’t noticed any difference.

While there is a correlation between TP and health, they aren’t equal. In my current war I had a choice between two 3600ish targets and when looking at the points I would get there was a six point difference.

So always look at the points you will get as part of the decision process, we have seen a war decided by just a few points more than once.

There is nothing regarding this in the patch notes, but a silent patch would not be completely unheard of in gaming. Additionally, it has felt like it has been a bit more of a struggle vs similar strength teams the past few weeks. Has their possibly been a balance change elsewhere that I’m feeling, or have I possinly just had an anomalous few down weeks in terms of outcomes that have led to this feeling?

I think so. Also - field aid is by far the worst war rule from an attackers perspective. I hear everyone complain about it. With the right heroes and the right timing you can limit its impact, but it sucks no matter what for the offense.

Thank you. I hadn’t considered the war buff, and i certainly do tend to fare worse vs the heal, and that has been the war buff the past few weeks. Even the overall war performance has been across the board lower for all of our teammates. Myself and the other top hitters are typically in the low to mid 300’s by War’s end, but none of use have broken 300 the past few and do not seem to be on pace to do so this war either. The heal could certainly explain it

This would also be affected by the amount of opponents on the board. Since the 1,500 war board total is distributed among all players on the board, the more players on the board the less each will be worth.

Has your alliance (or the amount participating in wars) grown recently? If so, it’s probable you’re facing alliances with more opponents. Therefore each opponent - as well as your teams - would be worth less.

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We haven’t grown in numbers, and I haven’t noticed any drastic difference in terms of opponent team size, but that certainly could have been the case without me making note of it.

The ‘easy’ way to answer this part of your question is to add up the total score for each of your opponents. It’s tedious work but you should come up with roughly 1,500 points.

Or, you could take my word for the math :grin:. Just added up our opponents and they’re worth roughly 1,527 points. I got to the board after several had been killed so was lazy and didn’t go through the hit logs to get the exact score for each dead/wounded opponent. I just did the kill bonus X3 for the total of each. That’s where most of the extra 27 points came from I’m guessing. Lol

Whatever problems you are facing with the war buffs when attacking, the other team is facing the same problems against you.

You can gain more or less points, depending on your strength and that of the opponent.
EX: An opponent with 3700 strength, go with a team, below his 3700 power. you will have earned more bonus points …
in the last war I scored 72 points with an attack. I was with a team of 3,500 or so, I’m not so sure, against one with 4k.
I particularly, always go with a team with less power.

3 last wars.
360 points.
370 points
345 points.

I dont disagree. We are still seeing the same success, just at a much lower score which tells me that the scores are overall much lower across all teams, not just ours. Please don’t take this thread as me complaining about unfairness or being screwed by rng or anything of the like, I was just noticing a trend over the past few wars and was curious if there was an explanation

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If you are trying to say you can get more points from any specific team by attacking with a weaker team, this isn’t correct. Points are set based on team health and it doesn’t matter how they are taken down (well, I suspect there is some slop if taken down in a multiple attacks based on rounding points).

If you are saying you you can get more points by only going in with whats needed to get the job done - and that way you can spread your best heroes out across more attacks, that is true. Though also a bit more risky.


do the test yourself.
with me and my alliance has worked very well. although it is right that it is risky. but why not take the risk? haha
My numbers are there I told you. try too.
in today’s war, I have not yet made my attacks. I’ll do tonight if I remember or have some time to spare. I’ll try to do a print of the team and points I’ve won, and I’ll send it here.

Click on the team you are about to attack. Look at the points available. Attack them any way you want. Let me know if you get more points than it says is available (Hint: you will not).

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When wars first came out, each side was worth 2000 points, and each team was worth on average 67 points (in a full alliance). That was reduced to 1500 points a few months ago, so now the average is 50 points.

you certainly do not earn anything more than you’re saying you can earn points. but can reach the maximum.

yes, and you can with massive over slaughter as well. But the point of spreading out your total team points is spot on.

You can reach the maximum points for an opponent any time you kill them. It doesn’t matter if you use a team higher or lower in power. Your alliance gets the maximum amount of points even if 2 players kill the opponent or if 15 flags were used to take it out. Points are points. With the exception of the following, the points are set. You get what you see.

Exception: Since we are not given 1/2, 1/4, etc points for a hit, when 2+ flags are used to kill an opponent you will often see rounding ‘errors’. The opponent can be worth 1 or 2 points more in these instances.

Before anyone asks…using 2+ flags to get the rounding error points is NOT a good strategy. You waste your flags that could be used on another opponent. If it works out that 2+ flags have to be used and you get the rounding points, great. But 1. It’s not a good practice, and 2. It doesn’t always happen.


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