Silence permanent after Revive

S2-9-4 hard mode, boss stage. Boldtusk has emblems, gets killed with Aerial Capture (silenced). Revived with mana energy full. Counter for ailment no longer present, and Silence still in place after 3 turns (stated length). I won the battle, but lost BT and Colen due to healing unable to fire.

iOS version 21.0.0 build 568, May 23 roughly 11:00pm EST.

BT should revive still silenced, since revive doesn’t remove status ailments. But if I’m understanding you correctly, the silence lasted for longer than 3 turns. Is that correct?

If so, you should submit a support ticket so the devs can take a look at the case. Here’s how to do that:

Noting the time like you did should really help them debug. I’d make sure to include it in the ticket.

I thought that reporting of bugs was supposed to happen here, instead of via service tickets? You are correct: the silence sustained even without the status ailment listed, past the 3 turns as programmed.

It’s helpful to post about bugs here so SG can see if there are issues affecting a broad section of the player base and focus on them quickly. And it also lets people get advice from other players–often, things perceived as bugs are just the game working in a correct way that people find surprising.

But there’s no connection between your forum account and your game account, so the devs can’t effectively debug small-scale problems without a ticket. Submitting a service ticket links them to your account, and giving them the approximate time of the problem lets them go back through the logs and recreate what happened to you so they can fix it.

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