📯 Sif – Season 3 Hero – 5* Holy/Yellow: Thoughts, Discussion & Summon Results with Feedback

You know I ended up stripping her emblems in favor of other fast mana heroes for war. It gave me more versatility. As for the node path, I get what your strategy by going Heal/Attack, but I went full defense with her. Reason being that she needs to be able to take some hits and stay alive. Yes maybe you don’t exploit her full counter damage but don’t forget that her flanks also counter so it’s not just her you focus on. I was extremely happy going full defense and taking full advantage of having her alive and having 3 heroes counter attack for as long as possible… I wish I could’ve tested your strategy as well for an accurate comparison…


Finally got my last darts for Sif. She will probably have a spot in my offense team and titan team of course. But I also find her pretty annoying on defense. Currently I have Onatel+18 as right flank in defense and will have Drake+18 as soon I got all emblems from POV. Assuming I could also emblem up Sif, I ask myself if she or Drake would be the better choice to replace Onatel in raid and war defense…

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i got obakan,cyprian,boril,sumitomo and elena…hoping only to get Sif…i just read a lot review sif is probably the best riposte hero!!!

I had never problem with Sif, but I am running Kage and c-Viv on offense, and Kage especially makes short work of her (and any counter-based hero). She looks like she’s tailored towards completing S3 on hard and in general all those 4500+ TP quest stages.

Yes, my 3-1-1 with Wu, Sif, Gullinbursti, Noor and Zocc is very good for completing those hard Valhalla levels. Sometimes I use C.Kashhrek instead of Gullinbursti, he is semi-fast, but heal-3.

I don’t understand why sometimes counterattack not with 100% of the damage received🤔

Sif counterattacks for 100%… THEN reduces damage by 50%. That’s why.

She counters more than she takes. Which is awesome.

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Off topic : rainbow raiding?

In this screenshot
Sartana receives 600 dmg
Deals 400 dmg to rigard

If it is 100% / 50%, sartana should receive 800 dmg?

Interestingly Sif halves the pumpkin damage when they pop. Don’t know if that was common knowledge but it was cool to see


Counterattack damage can not exceed the amount of health that the target had prior to the attack.


Maybe different defensive numbers play a role in that?

Experimental raiding

Thanks for this solution

Amrath, i don’t think you need Neith and Li Xiu as their skills are very similar. As for Vivica having no value without a costume - disagree.

Been taking Sif all out on attack because I also use her on Titans. Excellent tile damage and her protection for G Jackal is very, very welcome.

I am using Sif on defense and there she probably could use the extra survivability but I am hoping the mana boost is enough to get MN to fire and possibly resurrect any fallen heroes.

Having faced teams with Sif, it can be very annoying (problematic) if she manages to protect the tank (extra mana, damage reduction and riposte).

Def/HP is the logical way to go if defense is the main use for her. I have no idea of which heroes I will have on defense in a few months but I am sure I will be brining Sif to titan battles so my choice works for me but isn’t a universal right answer.

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Yeah, Sif next to or in between your most important heroes is the way to go. I go with (from left to right)… Mother North, Sif, Telluria. I’m dying to pull Alfrike and place Sif between Mother North and her.


I know this has already been announced by someone else, but I think SG should really, really think about the class of Sif.

IMHO, the class should be a support or a kind of boost for the hero. Making Sif dodging specials is just so senseless…

Hey chris I was wondering what you thought about how to use sif in defense?

Right now I don’t have rainbow but I do use my strongest heroes in this order on defense


Other reds are lady Loki and Santa
Other yellow is white rabbit

Suggestions welcomed :slight_smile:

If Sif has emblems I’d tank her with Bera and Alfrike flanks Give it a try!

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