Sif’s counterattack damage is far higher when used with Bera and Freya’s minions than it is d as supposed to be

Sif’s counterattack hits for far more damage when it is used on Bera and Freya’s minions than it should be. I have a team of level 80’s and the counterattack killed almost all of my characters with just one set of 3 of their color tiles for each character, and the strange thing is that it killed my characters, but the tiles didn’t even kill one of the minions. There is something wrong.

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Freya in particular has very beefy minions. It’s hard to know exactly what happened without seeing more details, but it seems possible to me that your heroes could have been killed by Sif’s 100% counterattack, while reducing damage to the minions by 50%, without killing the minions.

Try to see if you can reproduce the issue, and take video.

A raven minion is roughly 313 health (on mine anyways). But of course there will be the defence team 20% buff too…so maybes 360 health?

Sif reduces damage by half so much depends on your health. You could hit for 500 from tiles which you take but the minion only takes 250 which won’t kill it.


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