Sif or Thor?

Who do you think deserves the darts? I only have 6.

Thanks for any suggestion.

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Without more details I like Thor.

This thread points out ways we can better help by knowing more about you and you heroes.


Without knowing your heroes, I’d say hold on to your darts until Season 5 or 6 arrives. I hear there are yellow legendaries there far better than Season 4.

Can you tell us
When are S5 & S6?

@Ruskin505, @Ultra
Here is my five stars yellow roster

Thor, oh, Thor. And 20 more Thors.

You can almost never get wrong with very fast heroes.

An army of Thor’s, who wouldn’t want to? :slightly_smiling_face:

Season 5 is theoretically next year, and Season 6 is the year afterwards, but until we have confirmation from the mods and staff themselves, lets keep the talk of S5 and S6 down for now. Imo, i would go Sif over Thor. Drake is better and the time it takes Thor to get to hit all, the enemy is nearly dead

Go for Sif! Her counter attack is great and more useful against strong heroes and with her mana generation is every hero next to her one tile faster!

I’d say sif thor is not great on defense from what I’ve seen and tried

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