Sif or Drake Fong?

I was actually going to ascend Sif next, but to my surprise I pulled Drake Fong last AR when I was trying for Miki.

Now I am a bit torn…

These are my yellows:

I really like Sif. I think she will be great on offence, against titans and also good on defence. Though she would have to share emblems with Margaret so wouldnt’t replace my Onatel on def anyway.

But Drake is awesome in all of that, too. Regarding Emblems: Wilbur will keep his, but beside that Drake has no competition and might get enough talents to replace Onatel on defence. But I don’t care that much about raid defence anyway, as long as I stay in diamond.

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I would go drake

And would pull embs from wilbur to put on drake

Onatel and sif are both average so to me the decision for darts would have been between the 2 of them, and you already made that decision even if you didn’t have sif yet

You have no fast damagers, ranvir is bit of a gamble, malosi hits like a wet noodle, and drake gives the chance of 3 doin less than what malosi causes 1 to do

Plus drake elemental link is a good one, especially in a color with no flat out attack buffers that doesn’t involve gambler’s chance

If you’re plannin ahead, i think i would max drake now. And would hope for a joon to get the next set to replace ranvir in your pvp team

Again, just my 2 cents

Sif i would probly kick the can bit down the road and plan on eventually building a 2nd or 3rd yellow team around her


Sif with that counterattack and damage reduction special is pretty enticing.

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I took Ranvir already out of my raid team and only use him for titans. My yellow raid team has Onatel, Malosi, Mist, Woolerton plus one off colour hero. So it’s based a lot on mana control. But mana speed of course is a good point. Drake might fit in better in that team.

Pretty sure though, I’d do Sif over Joon. I was never into riposters, but Sif I find really interesting and only read good reviews about her.

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I would go Drake for now but both are definitely worth darts.
If you did pull a Joon before you get your next 6 darts then you should max him over Sif.
Good snipers are still very important despite this power creep.
My number one mono yellow team for raids (left to right), Drake+4, Delilah+18, Joon+18, Sif, Malosi (who I’ll be giving emblems to soon).
I’ve decided to give rogue emblems to Marjana only because of green (Telluria) tanks everywhere but Sif is a worthy candidate for them.
I’ve Ranvir in my number 2 team but I swap out Drake for him when fighting purple titans.
You’ll be happy enough whichever you choose but Drake is slightly better overall

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No Drake here, but just ascended Sif and leveled her up to 80 and emblemed her. Loving her so far. The damage reflect and reduction is nearly an instant kill of AoE attackers and that mana buff is nasty when you place her in between normal or slow mana heroes.

Drake really annoys me on defense, one of the best on def, while sif is not scary on defense.

Neverthless, even if i don’t have sif, i know riposte heroes are really useful on offense raids and hard maps.

I have elena +18 and her riposte is a lifesaver

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A little off topic, but didn’t feel like starting a new thread… apologies.

Who’d you guys put on a raid def team, Joon (normal) or Sif? The rest of the team would be: Telly, Ursena, Zim and some other fast sniper I guess (Kingston, Magni, C Lianna)

I tend to think Joon is better since Sif is pretty easily debuffed, but I’m curious if you guys have a different vision. Thx.

I have Sif as a flank to Telly ( full team Seshat, Vela, Tell, sif, grave) and i win more than I lose on attacks and pretty easily stay at 2600+

Ok thx man. Appreciated.

With your def team, I’m not sure that is Sif who’s holding you at 2600 tho. Hard to believe she’s the real dealmaker here, with your GTV+Seshat.

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No problem. Might not be, but I’ve found i lose less overnight with her than I did before i put her in White Rabbits spot with the rest of the team the same. ( I don’t have high emblems on any of them only 10 or so)

Sif is also incredible on attack. Does some serious hurt to AOE attackers


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