Sif or costume Joon?

My main team with I play contains
Grimble, Richard, Telluria, Queen of Hearts and costume Joon. I got Sif yesterday, and really like her abilitys. I’m wondering, is it wise to swap Joon to Sif?

Grimble 29/3 Richard 45/3 Telluria 41/3 QoH 29/3 and Sif 60/2.

I got also Lianna week ago, 45/2 and really like her, but I think Telluria is better as green in my team.

Other 5* I have
Viveca, Justice, JF, Magni, Azlar, Marjana, costume Isrania, Kadilen, Elkanen, Atomos, Horghall

If you have some tips or something intresting opinions, let me know. I always wan’t to hear others tips and tricks :slight_smile:

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Honestly, as long as none of your 5* hero is fully leveled, switch back to maxxed 4* with talents.
Your heroes are pretty nice, but not in their current status. take your time, bring them to maxx and replace each by each.

The thing is, only my 5* are stronger and more leveled up than my 4*, my strongest 4* are Rigard, Mist, Melendor, Wu Kong and Grimm. But they are not fully maxed yet. Soo… My 5* are more stronger than my 4* :smiley:

But any chance you can bring them to the final level?

Mist needs 3 more orb of magic, costume Melendor needs 2 sturdy shields and 2 extra bc of costume, and It takes long time to collect those items :frowning: but I will try to collect them and max them out :slight_smile:

The maxim that you should level 5* for long-term and 4* for short term applies. You have some great 5* and if you think you will still love the game in a couple of months, keep working on the 5*.

As for the choice between Joon & Sif, that’s tough and depends on your play style. On balance, your 5* team looks like it needs more punch, and that means Joon first.


I’m trying to work on my team but some of the items are hard to get! Joon it is then! :slight_smile:

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