Sif not giving +24% mana to nearby allies!

Sif is fully maxed with emblems. The toons on both sides show buff of 24% mana gain, but during each turn I never see their mana move, not at beginning of turn, during or at end.

It’s +24% mana GENERATION. She doesn’t just hand out mana.


As above.

Sifs buff affects the quantity of mana that is generated. This is DIFFERENT to passive regeneration.

There is only 1 hero who passively generated mana each turn which is Alberich.

So to make sure I got it right, you are saying that when I match tiles for the nearby toons and yellow tiles for sif that I will receive an additional 24% mana but only if I match those tiles in the next 4 moves? Do I understand it correctly?

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Yes that’s it… Note that in titans or map it also applies to mana potions…

There is one who can generate mana actively: Misandra.

It is not 24% additional mana, but +24% mana gain. If within those 4 turns you match 6 puzzles, it will worth 124% Ă— 6 = 7.44 mana unit instead of just 6.

Slow heroes need 12 units to charge, if the hero have +24% mana generation, 10 puzzle will worth 124% Ă— 10 = 12.4 unit. So with that buff, you only need 10 puzzle to charge the special instead of 12.

Thank you everyone for your help!

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