Sif, norns or wait for something better

Have vivica, neith, joon, malosi, leonidas, justice, guinevere at 4/80 with sif and norns at 3/70 and 8 darts - not thrilled with either and norns sucks with mono attacks

I have Sif , she is great on offense

Norns is great fun and has come in handy more than I expected (I’m a bit more flexible with team make-up, though, I see mono as a tool not a way of life).

With the damage upgrade in the latest buffs, she’s now got damage that’s higher than Drake or White Rabbit and a useful secondary effect.

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I don’t have Norns, but she looks quite interesting. In theory, I could stack 3-2 in offence, and that stack could become strong against 3 colours when she fires. I think it’s very useful.

I have both, but got Sif first. I was skeptical at first, but I have come to really love her and use her all the time on offense. No regrets!

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I am using siff, even emblemed her. using both in offense and defense (i am not sure that in deffense its viable, but still…)

Can you give tips for how to use her?

But imagine you will always face gtv so no purple or yellow there and lots of the times she can’t even charge…

But now you can bring reds for example, and suddenly, Vela is weak against red. :wink: The other yellow might be Malosi, as a good counter for ailments. Because of Vela, actually, I quite often used yurple 3-2 stack before.

P.S. I’m not in the club which claims average is too slow for current meta. :wink:

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Vela is not weak against red… She is strong against red.m she is just… normal strong .

Reminds me of the saying ‘When you’re accustomed to privilege , equality feels like oppression.’ When you’re accustomed to OP, balance feels like… well, you know. But when Norns fires, she really is weak against red.

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I don’t have them but faced Sif and Norns a number of times on defense. Sif can be a real pain. Someone had her at T19 as a tank and the raid took forever. Think I lost the first time but won on the 2nd.

People keep the Norns on the Wings and never had a problem taking them out before their special fires. They may be more interesting on offense.

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