Sif neith or poseidone

Hi…i have the opportunity to upgrade one of this heroes: sit, neith and poseidon …and I dont know which one.I dont have emblems for none.Can you give me a hand?



Sif or Poseidon will give you the most uses of the three

I don’t have Poseidon, but my Sif is at +8 now, and I’m very pleased with her. If you’re lacking a yellow sniper, I’d go with Poseidon, but if you’re looking for support or variety, Sif has great defense and offense potential.

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Got Poseidon he’s a beast! But @Wormwood knows his stuff! Think he’s got sif aswell (more videos would be cool if he def does :wink:)

Sadly I never got Poseidon. But considering the OPs options on holy heroes it sounds to me like they’re still working on depth. Heroes like Sif truly shine and do tons more for your teams when there’s more choices to pick from. That’s usually true for most supporting or niche heroes. Def want to build a good foundation of your “basic” heroes first so your supporting heroes have more to work with. “Basic” heroes would be all of your snipers, AoE, Splash attacks and healers.

If you want to keep up with the Jones’s then obviously max every new hero that’s released. If you’re in it to play the long game (which is what EnP is, long term strategy) then it’s usually best to get the heroes that will add depth first. Poseidon is a pretty straight forward sniper that can be added to almost any team combination. I won’t speculate more since I don’t have him, lol…

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