Sif for Raid Offense

I heard that Sif is a C class hero for offense, but I am finding myself winning a lot of upper tier Gold raids that I thought I would end up losing. Activating her special improves mana regeneration and creates a strong counterattack. Is she underrated? I am using her at 3>70 in the format: Marjana (3-70), Vela (3-70), Telluria (3-70), Sif (3-70), and Guardian Panther (3-70). I have White Rabbit and Malosi to swap out, but so far I am digging Sif

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Riposte seems to be underestimated by many players. In times, when many defenses have 2 or more heroes who hit all, riposte is a very good attacking method. Combined with reflection you’ll see lots of suicidal defenses.


I’m in a top 100 alliance and I typically make use of riposte in my last flag in wars due to not having enough developed heroes for six five star teams during war. That alone tends to be the winning factor against full defense teams for me. Riposte is very effective if it can be utilized well.

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She isnt good vs DoT which bypasses all defenses as we see in the current meta. She is good vs heavy hitting heroes like Joon or Finely, but with her current speed and Telly being the flavor of tanks she is harder to get off and her riposte isn’t very effective.

She is meta dependent.

I agree with Olmor, but I would also add that a lot of the S3 heroes seem to favor a more deliberate and strategic style rather than loading up on fast charging snipers and knocking out opponents as fast as possible. If you use them that way, it really works. I think Sif is one of them. I’ve been using Boril with Mist and Freya and a 3.70 Telluria and winning lots of fights against defense set ups that consist of all or almost all damage dealers (and there are lots of them). I expect the people who graded Sif mostly equate “good for offense” with fast-charging damage dealer


I’ve been running her offensively with

Finley - Vela - Sif - Grazul - Natalya

I have no problem taking down most teams. She’s very punishing, but as has been pointed out, if the opponent is DOT heavy, leave her home.

Counterattack is not bad offensive tool, but you can’t use it against every team as you need to charge first, so the best is non-hitting tank (healer most often).

This is not true as Sif reduces all incoming damage and it applies even to DoT (they deal only half damage). I wasn’t paying much attention to it until I met her and I was wondering for good few seconds what’s wrong with my Natalya’s burn.

What’s an issue with counterattack:

  • DoT cannot be counterattacked (Sif can reduce it tho)
  • Fast snipers can charge faster and can one-shot your key heroes

My usual “counterattack” war team consisted of 2-1-1-1 setup:

  • two healers (Vivica + either another cleanse - Rigard - or dispeller)
  • Hansel in case of green tiles (to shutdown enemy sniper)
  • Boril - counterattack (between two healers)
  • Wu Kong as a backup if counterattack tactic fail / to kill enemy healer in corner

I can see Sif as off-colour hero because she’s much better than plain counterattack heroes

Thank you all for the great advice!

I’ll add one more thing -

As an Average Mana hero, she’ll need a lvl 23 Mana troop to drop from 10 to 9 tiles - a serious improvement. However, w/ her mana node, which comes early on the Rogue chart, a lvl 17 mana troop will do the trick.

Here’s a great review from @Wormwood

I love sif on offense… It’s not just riposte!


Hmm being you have a white rabbit could be hard deciding to level both great.

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