Siegerverein (German club)



Are you up to this challenge to be in a highly motivated,
join active and strong team,
who does not give the Titans time to escape,
in attack against any opponent scares
and single-mindedly rising in global rank?
Join as long as 1 space is available!
From: 5 x 4 stars
No wing club! :wink:
Line ID: nihatabatu


Community Challenge: Alliances [Challenge over - winner announced]

Nice to see you, Nihat :slight_smile:
You may wish to add that your alliance is German language and Germany time zone. (UTC +1)
It may prevent confusion.


Schönen guten Tag liebe Anja,
Kenne mich garnicht hier aus leider.
Habe jetzt in klammern German club geschrieben.
Ich hoffe, dass ist in ordnung.

Vielen Dank!

Mit freundlichen Grüßen