Side game where you earn 1 exp point

I was just thinking since there is so much time between things to do maybe build like a minigame that you can do anytime and receive like 1 exp point if you win. If you use all your energy there is nothing really to do until it recovers, so to keep people online this would be a good idea?. or like have a gauntlet to where you just see how far you can get without dying. I dont know just a thought.


Yeah I was thinking too, they could make something extra. I was thinking even about extra chest - birds chest :smiley: Have to shoot down 500 or so birds to fill the chest. And maybe from that chest you can get only food and some specific materials, like feathers.

Sorry my idea is different. But I still think that it go in this topic. Just something extra what to do


I like gauntlet idea just keep going and going till you die. Each time u beat monsters the next ones are harder. Maybe every 5 waves u get something. I dont know just boring waiting for something to do.

Here’s some minigames already built into the game for you:

Mallard massacre
Look at the sky over your stronghold. See the flock of mallards? SHOOT 'EM ALL!

Wyvern waiting
Keep looking at that sky over your stronghold. A wyvern might appear. KILL IT!

Beachbal bouncing (Limited time challenge event!!)
Can you keep all beachballs bouncing?

Bling Bling Hero
Pick your favourite hero card. Select it, press the magnifying glass. Now shower him/her with sparkly sparkles by moving your finger over the portrait. This -never- tires!

Peasant Pests
This one is for the roleplayers. You can solo this one, but it’s best done as a duo. One player is the King of the Castle. The other is the Peasant. The King repeatedly clicks on one of the commoners walking your castle’s grounds. Now the two of you engage in a dialogue, something like:

Dragonbreath Fireplace (WARNING: strong P2W elements!)
If you don’t have the VIP dragon this one ain’t for you. Pet your dragon, enjoy the flames. There’s a reason there are fireplace movies, this is just so calming you won’t believe it.

Find Iku-Turso
Somewhere on the map, a mythical creature is rumoured to sometimes appear, guarding a treasure trove of Golden Summon Tokens. Legend has it that this mythical creature will only appear once for every player, and if you happen to be away from the map (raiding, fighting titans, whatever) and you miss it, then that’s just your loss. A hint to where this beast may be found on the map is hidden in it’s name. Supposedly someone has datamined the game and found a code comment in an obscure ancient language in reference to this hidden feature, the comment says: “ik zuig dit uit mijn duim, het is vreselijke onzin, er klopt geen bal van”.

Also, seriously, you know the very second the devs implement your idea, this forum is going ablaze with players complaining about the lack of rewards? I mean… really?


I never knew this was possible…
Thank you for waisting another half hour of my life.:joy:


I’ve thought a titan practice ring would be a great idea and help out in testing. They can even use it to take more of our gems, doing pay one gem to fight any regular titan of your choice with no rewards. Anything that lets you fight during your downtime will never be implemented, though. They would rather force you to buy World Energy flasks to extend your play time.

May I draw your attention to… Quintain Mode!


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My kids found this and are always pestering me to ‘draw stars’!

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