Sick of Terrible Terrible Titan Loot


16-Jun C Titan blade
|20-Jun|rare titan A|rings|
|28-Jun|titan B|tome|

15-Jul titan B rings
|30-Jul|titan b|darts|
|31-Jul|titan c|darts|

2-Aug titan c tome
12-Aug titan B rings
14-Aug titan c scope
|25-Aug|titan b*|darts|
|27-Aug|titan b*|d blade|
31-Aug C Titan rings

|7-Sep|B titan|tabbard|
|14-Sep|C titan|d blade|
|15-Sep|c titan|darts|
|20-Sep|C Titan|scope|
|24-Sep|b rare titan|tonic|

|4-Oct|b titan|tabard|
|8-Oct|C Titan|darts|
|11-Oct|b rare titan|tabard|

If that is all true, good for you? What point does that make exactly? You are 1 player, who is well known for defending SG, posting your supposed results lol. If I did the same thing as you, and had all those dates with nothing, would you then all the sudden change your mind? lol

Clearly not, because you are showing how unreliable a source you are. It is impossible to have a balanced discussion with you, you are too emotionally vested in your “side”.

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Unreliable because I dont write things down physically? Interesting. You seem more vested in defending SG, than I do calling them out lol

Where am I defending them?

OMG…ok. Do you think SG is making good decisions from a players standpoint? Do you think they are making the game geared more towards P2P or F2P? Do you think they are greedy, and at times flat out unethical?

First answer where am I defending them?

Anytime a player is complaining about something in the game, and you say they are wrong, or downplay it, you are defending them. Does that clear things up? Or do you think you have to literally say SG is not wrong! They are great! You are all wrong and free to leave if you dont like it!

Like… boards are rigged? I will say you are wrong. That is not defending SG, that is speaking out against something which is absolutely false and misleading to the entire playerbase.

I’d love some examples, because clearly you have been tracking my work…

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I know your name and reputation, just like you know mine. As far as your example, I actually agree that boards arent rigged, but the difference is, I am willing to say, it is certainly possible enough, that I shouldnt disregard it, just because I dont agree with it. Because lets be honest, SG isnt clear about much of anything, and they have proven to be less than trustworthy/ethical. Remember when the crap came out about beta, and knowing the board ahead of time? Players came out calling that stuff a complete lie, told everyone it wasnt possible etc. Then bam! Video proof. See my point?

No, I don’t. As soon as SG was made aware of the possibility of cheating they shut down that bug. And the other side of it is that a claim was backed by evidence, which is the way it should be.
So, what is your point exactly?

You clearly don’t, because I have never set out to be, nor am I a crusader for SG - just like @yelnats_24 I speak up in regards to whatever I feel is right or wrong. I on the other hand have no idea about what sort of reputation you have, I have just seen your carbon copy posts splattered around the forum a dozen times a day recently, and I am responding directly to those.

In terms of droughts and good runs, this is absolutely how true RNG works, it’s quite literally random so it could happen equally spaced out or in what we perceive as streaks.

Flipping a coin is an example of true RNG, and you don’t expect to get heads then tails then heads then tails etc you sometimes get a few heads in a row but overall you will get 50:50 heads and tails

…approximately… probably.

Does anyone know the new order of appearance of the rare titans ? :slightly_smiling_face:

As an FTP player I’ve got roughly the ascension mats needed for ascending my heroes.
I think there are two possible options:
Either you stop spending on extra pulls
or you buy extra ascension mats etc.
It’s either one way or the other.
In the meantime, enjoy your game.

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