Sick of Terrible Terrible Titan Loot

Honestly, the solution here is to fight low level titans. That way you don’t take anything for granted.

I get A+ roughly 80% of the time. The rest of the time, i get A.

Yesterday, I got a trap tools from titan loot. I was estatic. Because it doesn’t happen very often at all. Lower your expectations, and you become a lot happier.


Even my titan chests are usually filled with trash, but sometimes you’ll find a few goodies in a row.

Its just the way it is with RNG.

Low level titans aren’t a solid solution, since they won’t give 4* mats, but they often throw 3*.

I support the idea that titan chest loot need to be revised by SG.
They should increase the reward a little bit. Its to make the chest different to regular Monster chest because is practically the same only that It takes you 5 days to fill It.
So , that bothers me more than regular titan loot (usually good for me but random )


What level titan you all killing. My ally kills 14* and I have found the loot to be fairly decent (except when I get a or a plus I seem to get better with c loot :smiley:)
Titan chest does blow tjo

A+ loot on 14* titan . REALLY, this is a joke right .

Seems decent . 2 ascension materials orb and blade

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Seriously? 2 nonfarmable ascension materials and you’re complaining?! Give me a break.


I get loot like that once every… actually, I only got it once in playing for over a year.


Already have 16 hidden blades and 14 orbs

That’s all? I have at least 50 of each 3* mat and still get excited to see them in loot.

Edit: Oops, my bad. I forgot I’ve ascended a couple greens recently. Only 39 shields.

I still get excited for them though.

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My one and only A+ loot was an 8-star titan and it gave me ALL 1 & 2* drops for EVERYTHING - crafting, ascension, titan parts, battle items, silver tokens, everything. Currently I’m on a streak of 5 titans straight without an unfarmable. I consider it RNG karma that will hopefully pay off some day with this kind of “joke” reward.

wait, 5 streak without unfarmable at 8 star titans?

Cuz I’m fighting 7 star titans, and i get unfarmable mats about once per two months…

Well, on the other way round it could also just mean that you have logged in five days in a row, hit the titan once and let some others do the job.

In my opinion, filling the titan chest could be the easiest and hardest job todo, depending on your gameplay.

Therefore, just providing more ( or better ) loot could not be the solution.
It should be coherent with the total used titan hits and a kind of damage score ( based on your progress ).

Wow, really? I don’t keep notes on it, but it seems like once a week usually at the least - I’m not sweating the current 5-titan streak, but I’ve seen claims that some people get them more often than this. There’s a loot tier break right there between tier 8 & 9 that gives an extra AM roll, I’m guessing that makes a big difference depending on where you grade + titan level.

Once every two months is what I was getting before joining an alliance, just relying on elemental chests & such. That’s really surprising.

I always get 3 AM mats because I A+ pretty much all of the titans in our alliance, so even when we’re at 6 star titans, still get 3 rolls.

But I really don’t depend on titans for AM mats, cuz I pretty much never see them. i get more AM mats from mystic vision or normal monster chests lol.

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Here is my point this is C loot from a 14* from yesterday. When compared to A+ loot it’s sad.


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Well, I’m definitely not happy about my recent rewards, I’ve been waiting for a 4* mat more than 1 month (12-13* titans). But it is what it is, bad RNG streaks happen.

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Sooooo looking forward to the day when I can complain about only getting two AMs in a loot box.

But, alas, my fate is to take yet another day of dogcrap loot and wait, yet again, to try again tomorrow for my one AM this week.


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I mean it is very discouraging for players put extra efforts in fighting titan, and willing to use special items to fight titans, in order to get high scores. In return, A+ players did not very often get good loot. However, c grade or lower grades players got great 4* items. It makes the top players, and willing to paid for special items players very sad. They will not paid to get more gems and items to kill titans.

I think it is time to change from random loot, to performance based in loot rewards. This can encourage players to fight hard and improve their skills. Not joing a team by sitting there wait for luck.

Willing to paid players also will paid more if they want to have better loot rewards.

I really hope management can read this and resolve this long compliants fromall over the world.


The Titan loot is horrible! The higher you rank the worse the loot gets ! A+ and you don’t even get 3* loot ? I mean come on they could at least give you resources! Am I the only one seeing this?

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