Sick of Terrible Terrible Titan Loot

I’ve had some bad loot before from titans but I’ve never felt the need to post on the forum because of it until now. I’ve been playing daily for almost a year and have killed a LOT of rare titans since they were introduced. I have yet to receive the bonus loot and getting loot like this for the effort and items put into them is getting quite annoying. I understand that not everyone gets a prize and all that but seriously, this is not ok with me. It would be different if I got something significant occasionally but I don’t. I need an increase in loot odds to continue spending money on this game, that’s my stance. Can anyone convince me that there shouldn’t be an increase in loot odds?


I’ve accepted titan loot usually sucks even if you’re A+, and is ‘random’ as is everything in the game. I am however tired of titan chests being consistently crap on par with the regular monster chest, despite taking 5 or more days to fill.


You’re certainly not alone in feeling that the drop rate for the rare titan loot is too low. This idea, for instance, is looking to change that:

And there are several other people who have started threads on the subject, such as:

I really don’t have a good feel for what the true drop rate is for the bonus item myself (other than “low”), so it’s hard to make a meaningful argument about it’s drop rate on a math basis.

What I do know is that the current low rate makes a lot of people feel like rare titans are worthless and a real let down. I’d prefer that they were more like elemental chests: legitimately pretty rare, but much more likely to drop 4*AM when they do come. That would make them exciting again, at least for me.


In what ways do you spend money on the game to kill titans?

Most of the time we just pass on them. We have seen too many times when nobody in the alliance gets a drop. All that work and expending of MATs for no benefit of anyone…why bother.

If they did any of the below I would be happy:

  • 100% chance for 1 or two members to get the bonus - if anyone in my alliance benefits I’m happy.
  • Give two special rolls, 1 for the normal bonus, and another at a much higher rate for the 3 star mat in the same color category
  • Along with the bonus roll, Increase the normal MAT rolls odds, that that your more likely to see something there.

I think the OP isn’t linking those two things in that way. He’s just threatening to close his wallet completely if the rare titans don’t change.


it takes 5 titan kills for a chest they should hold something garunteed. im just saying that’s minimum 5 days of ■■■■■ work. free or not still takes minimal 5 days to fill a chest show us some respect


Why does my spending have to be tied to titans in order for me to not want to spend money on the game? Spending money to get heroes I can’t level up because titans don’t give loot is what I’m referring to. And considering that my time IS money, then farming map levels for items would be considered spending. There’s about 12,000 ways that you could consider spending money is tied to titans. What kind of a question is that anyway? Was it actually a serious question or are you just completely unaware of how spending money on this game works?


So you’re saying that everyone who was playing before they released rare titans and knows what came in the titan chests before is wrong in what they’ve seen since the rare titans were released? The loot drops changed, for sure. We all have seen it.

I was responding to this statement. You aren’t happy with the mat drop rate on rare titans–which I also find penurious, having gotten exactly one such drop on my main account killing every rare 12* that has dropped since they were introduced. I just didn’t see the connection between rare titan drop rates and a decision to buy gems. Perhaps it’s my perspective as someone for whom rare titans are a new addition–all the extra loot from them is a bonus on top of the normal (lousy) drop rate.


And I’m saying everything in the game is tied to titan loot. Otherwise it wouldn’t be a part of the game, which seems incredibly obvious to me. As far as the actual drop rate is concerned, what bothers me is the way the game touts rare titans bonus drop. After 6 months of seeing people kill these titans it’s obvious that the “bonus chance” is so minuscule as to be essentially not discernible from any other random sampling of loot from regular titans of the same *. It’s deceiving. So either increase the loot to be commensurate with the way it’s marketed or take it away completely.


You should just move to an alliance which slays higher star titans. You will see a significant difference in maybe the first couple of titans.

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The loot overall has declined in rare ascension mats the last month or two. It’s quite noticeable. Ascending 4*'s to 4/70 is becoming difficult, let alone 5*'s. The game is still fun to play but I think I am done spending.


I don’t know how to answer this without sounding like I’m bragging or being a jerk but trust me, I’ve killed all the titans, a lot.

sure hasn’t been my experience.

I agree on the fact that titan loots are disappointing, especially rare titan loots (I’ve never gotten the bonus mat in one year, either) and titan chests…
I’ve mentioned this among other things in a thread called “ideas to improve player experience”
Unfortunately i’m not posting enough on the forum and i don’t know how to link to this thread…


Here’s your idea post:

I’ve actually got a proposal too that I put up a few days ago for this issue. If you like, you can go there and see if it’s something you agree with. If you think it’s a good idea, I’d really appreciate it if you would vote for it with the blue button at the top (shameless plug).

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What I don’t understand is why have the different ratings and tiers, if they really don’t seem to make any difference in the loot you receive? I mean an A+ in school is outstanding and you are recognized for your hard work. Here, it’s almost as if you get that grade, they slap you into face by giving someone with a C rating the ascension items. I really do not understand.


You get more chances and better chances from earning a higher rating, not a guarantee. It’s not like there’s some teacher handing out rewards who’s snubbing people.

Think about it like this: suppose you do a great job on something, but your teammate only does a good job. I give you 10 lottery scratch-off tickets as a reward, and your teammate only gets 5 tickets. If your teammate just happens to win more money on those 5 tickets than you do on your 10, did I somehow “slap you in the face?”


And got 8th trash loot in a row. Is this even possible?

I understand that ascension items are not a guarantee but 8 trash in a row is just beyond bad luck or imagination. Before you think that it’s a bad roll because I got a C. No, it’s A-B and killing 11-12* titans

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