Sick of spending my hard earned money and getting heroes i already have


This totally sucks I was excited to summon to maybe get a special hero so I spend 5 bucks and get another m !! Come on man!! Very disappointed…doesn’t have to be 4 or 5 star but …at least give me one I don’t already have! And then when I use boldtusk to level up my other boldtusk it only goes up 2 levels!! Are you kidding me?? For 5 bucks!! I would spend more money if I get new heroes…come on guys!!! And if you get copies you should be able to ascend if you get a copy??? I’m keeping my copy hopefully u guys do something there…


cara se serve de consolo,comprei 3000 gemas e gastei no evento recebi 11 herois 3 estrelas,reclamei no suporte e estou esperando resposta