Sick of Kalo, Alfrike and Ma North in Rush - Possible Solution

Most four star heroes don’t last too long in Rush. LOL. At least on defense Kalo gets to hide in a corner. Computer defense is pretty good at snuffing out Kalo first on Attack Team.

Yeah, I don’t have any of those 5 star yellow you metioned.

Selfish post
People play the game the way they enjoy it , not the way you desire
We all deal with these heroes not only you
You hate very fast tournaments, do not apply
Get over yourself and be humble.


So you don’t see a propble when a large majority are using the same deffensive alighment? My main issue is Kalo is a four star hero and his skill makes him one of the best if not the best hero in 5 star Rush. Yes, I could choose not to do Rush Tournamets but they have become much less enjoyable and much more predictable with the introduction of Kalo. Let’s just say Kalo bothers me a lot and yes I do have him but still wish he was not in the game and Rush and the new crazy powered heroes are pushing me away from a game I have enjoyee very much for the past two years.

This what iv said on vf wars tournament etc …


I usually go with 2 heroes of different colors that give immunity to ailments against Alfrike in Rush. Works real well. So heroes like Grazul, Vanda, etc. I don’t think there is a need to alter rush wars and not everything is going to be everyone’s cup of tea.

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I had no proble with Rush until the arrival of Kalo. It was annoying dealing with resurecting heroes but getting killed by two or three dead heros via Kalo is just too much. I will check out the videos and my best team was a 3.1.1 but it was more out necessity as I feel they are my best combo for Rush, Heimdahl, Franz, Lady of the Lake, C. Kahgan, Gosek. The Franz Gosek combo will wipe out the whole enemy team but you have to get both active.

No Grazul or Vanda here. I think you need to spend too much money to get the new really good 5 stars. I really enjoy 3 and 4 star Rush and unitl recently did not mind the 5 star Rush. I have mainly S1, 2 and 3 heroes.

I will try watching some of the videos. Have watched several of Mr Spock and on the debate between mono vs 3.2 have tried many combos.

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I was looking for thoose immunity heroes but still only applies if you activate before Alfrike. May go back to mono. Kinda a win or lose then and no in between. Kill tank, activate by ghost tile and with whole team active you win. With smart tile play usually with about 70% of the time. I am 11 and 4 in this week’s Rush but Kalo still really bothers me…

There is some comfort in knowing that everyone who signs up for Rush gets to deal with the same screwy death dealing hero. LOL

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Mono is worst in vf as everyone yah facing is gonna be crazy strong … Geting 6 tiles can happen … but 6 times in a row each time the odds are not in your favour …

In my alliance we don’t take rush war seriously, if we win woop if we dont then the other team got the tiles they needed that is . Prob say that for most wars too …


Kalo, whilst very strong, is also very susceptible to all the things stop him due to his class. He can and will be a problem if you can’t stop him of course but even Proteus or Tettukh will halt him in his tracks.

It’s a weakness that can easily be exploited if you have the heroes to do that of course


I get the concept of shutting down Kalo with mana control or ohter but with Ma North in the ohter corner Kalo will get healed and 50% chance you will see Alfrike again. I agree with the not taking Rush Wars seriously. But I still feel that
Rush Wars are a lot lees fun with all the new super powered heroes of late. With Alfrike you had a chance to survive mindless attack and win but with Kofu you are just plain dead…

Too many really crazy good killer Rush heroes to control them all via mana shut down or silence.

On a serious note when Loki copies Kofu does he use his Attack power or the Kofu he is copying?

My son just went 5 for 5 with mono blue team in Rush today and I went 3 and 2 with 3.2 and 3.1.1 teams. I think I got to activate the 2 and the 1s but no tiles for 3 on the team. And you are right with 3.2 and 3.1.1 the tiles are not killing any of these beast heros you are relying on activating and the Specials.

I am not sure if I ever went 6 for 6 in a Rush War. Don’t think I have enough heroes to be selective about who I bring to battle 5 and 6.

I do like the Franz Gosek combo in Rush. Very deadly if both activate. Got lucky and pulled Gosek on three pulls in Gargoyles.

I assume C. Guard Panther and Gosek would be very deadly but don’t have the Panther.

I’ve wondered if they could add a passive to some of these heroes to say “mana speed can never be faster than X” where X could be fast, average, slow, very slow. The problem is doing it now probably leads to more players being upset for losing their hero.

I’ve used this with great success in the tourney.

War is harder to create 6 teams but overtime its doable.