Sick of Kalo, Alfrike and Ma North in Rush - Possible Solution

Had to post as I just faced about my 6 deffense team in a row with Kalo and Ma North in the corners and Alfrike as a Tank. It gets pretty old, boring and frustrating attacking the same team layout over and over. Simply put the Very Slow Kalo is way broken in 5 star rush Tournament or Wars. He basically become the four best deadly 5 star heroes and at very fast speed in Rush. There needs to be a solution or change made for Rush. Possible solutions.

  1. Do not allow Very Slow heroes in Rush. They are Very Slow for a reason, because they are dangerous enough at Very Slow let alone Very Fast. or
  2. Make Very Slow heroes Averag Mana Speed in Rush. Still makes them very dangerous but gives you a chance.

Just tired of killing Alfrike onlly to have Kalo act like Alfirike or worse yet Have Kalo so a Ma North and resurect Alfrike so you can try to kill her two or three times. You get the picture. Sure I can kill this team 1 out of 3 times but it just gets boring fighting the same team layot over and over for 5 days straight in 5 star Rush Tournament.

I’m sure there are other possible solutions but Kalo is one of the most coo coo annoying heroes in the game in Rush. At Very Slow you can usually kill him first and not have to worry about him acting like all of the dead heroes that you already killied. I have Kalo and use him but I would be perfectly fine be me if they just totally removed him from the game.

Or, make an anti Kalo Hero. Special Skill - When activated Kills Kalo Dead. Sure you can use mana stop and mindless attack on Kalo if you activate first. But in Rush the other side has Ma North who will likely resurect Kalo or Alfrike or hey quess what both of them if you focus on Kalo and Alfrike first.

Another possible solution, just don’t do the 5 star weekly Rush Tournament. I am pretty frustrated with Rush Wars also. The new heros are so strong that just one can take out my whole team in Rush when they activate.

So my Rant is done and I have to go back now and do my last attack in the Weekly Rush Tournament. Oh, surprise Ma North, Alfrike and Kalo again. Kofu is just as common also and even if kill all of the rest of the team Kofu will usually kill at least 3 if not all of my heroes when he activates.


Lol, unless you are a certain Owl that is a Guardian… :eyes:

I take your point re the unfairness but this is a bit arbitrary and hard to enforce (Guardian Owl as above would not be imbalanced for example)

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If you don’t allow slow/very slow heroes in rush, then what is the point of rush?


Rush wars are the reason I maxed both copies of Lord Loki. He is a solution to this problem as well as Elena and several other counter attack heroes. I don’t mind rush wars/raids because I have built a roster that can benefit from it. Look at your own roster and figure out what’s missing.


I would allow Slow heroes in Rush and probably move Very Slow heroes to Average Speed.

Got obliterated in last tournament battle in the usual fashion. Alfrike activated first so my heroes go mindless. Kill Alfrike with tiles. Now Vavica activates so Kalo has like 2300 HP oh and then Ma North Activated and resurected Alfrike. Kill Alfike with Tiles again. Mindless attack wears off and Guess what Kofu goes off and four of my heroe are dead. Rinse and Repear.

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Loki or other mana stop heroes are only the solution if you activate before Alfrike goes off. Then it is just a game of luck if you bring a dispeller for mindless attack. Obbiously if Loki activates befor Alfrike
you will probably win as now enemy has mindless attack. It is just crazy annoying to have to try to kill Alfrike and then have Ma North say res Kalo and then say have Kalo act like Alfrike. Now your dead when it lookek like you were going to win. I only have one Loki and he doesn’t seem to do as much damage when copying enemy attacks. Only have Proteus for mana control but he wouldn’t last long in 5 star. Plus you need to take out Kalo first and then Ma North, Good Luck with that. Or am I missing something. I have tried 3.2, 4.1 mono. Doesnt matter if Alfrike goes off first.

Does Elanas counter attack reflect back mindless attack. Again she obviously has to activate berfore Alfrike or else its game over any way. That is about what if boils down to. If Alfrike activates first then I would say battle over 90% of the time. Unless you get really lucky and can activate a dispeller not hit by mindless attack.

Nope, if only

100% agree LOL, I was the victim of this yesterday

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With rush, tiles are not the answer, hero special skills are. You need 6 tiles to activate your heroes specials, so take the right combination of heroes.


I am basically just saying that if you see the same lineup on deffens over and over and over. It gets repetitive. I think I saw that deffense combo in all 5 deffense teams today. Strategy is kill Alfrike first or else. It is just crazy annoying to have a pile of dead heroes attacking you of worse yet killing Alfrike three times and then still have hem attack you from the grave.

Beg to differ my friend, a combination of both tiles and specials brings great success. I’m only 1 loss on offense after 15 attacks using mono.

Knock out the tank with 3-4 tiles and ghost to charge your team quickly.

I’m facing all the usual ugly defenses stacked with Kalo MN Freaks Khufu etc.


I have tried combos with Lord Loki but he is not limit broke but is nice when he activates first and can copy Alfrike. Still have to ge Ma North and Kalo then. i don’t have Alfrike and only for or five of the deadly slow heroes. So what is the combo of heroes to go up against Kalo, Vavica, Alfrike, Kofu, Ma North??

There are many counters to alfrike, getting 6 tiles can be a problem.

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I usually favor mono but not in Rush. Mono in Rush is more of a crap shoot. You need six tiles and usually in only two or three moves especially if the Board decides to cascade.

Heroes (especially holy) that taunt, cut mana and cast mindless attack are fantastic vs Alfrikie vfast.

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Sadly the best slow yellow I have is Vavica.

Malosi and guin immediately come to mind

Kara is great for any Holy attack.

Neith, Guin, Li Xiu, Chao etc all mana cut

Kullervo, Waddles for mindless

KALO is great. Wish I had more than one.

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My favorite Rush Combo is Heimdahly, Lady of the Lake and three stron against the Tank. Only problem is yellow is weak for me as I am taking Reg Vavica (cleanse mindless attack maybe), Drake Fong and Devona.